Sasquatch hunters allegedly had encounter with 7-foot monster in Florida woods

Two Sasquatch hunters allegedly encountered a 7-foot beast in Florida woods. Pic credit: Pixabay

A Sasquatch hunter claimed he had a close encounter with the elusive cryptid in 2011 and that it was the most terrifying experience of his life.

The incident made such a deep impression on musician Stacy Brown Jr. that he quit his band to dedicate his life to collecting Bigfoot evidence.

Stacy went Sasquatch hunting in Chattahoochee, Florida

Brown was formerly a musician from Florida, according to the Daily Star.

He and his bandmate Matt went Sasquatch hunting in Chattahoochee, Florida, in November 2011 after watching an episode of Animal Planet’s reality TV series Finding Bigfoot.

They decided to investigate a house on a 30-acre property with a history of Bigfoot sightings. They encountered a 7-foot monster in the woods around the house.

Dark shadowy figure in the woods: Bear or Bigfoot?

As they approached the house on a driveway wooded on both sides, they glimpsed a dark figure retiring quickly into the shadows. Stacy described it as “big and black.” They dismissed it as a bear.

That night, they camped in the woods close to the property.

Later, while exploring the woods using a thermal imager, they detected a heat signature suggesting a creature nearby. But they couldn’t track it.

Grunts in the woods, a Bigfoot appeared

Later, when they returned to their camp atop a small hill, they heard footsteps and grunting sounds from below.

While wondering what to do, a Bigfoot suddenly appeared a short distance away. The creature spotted them before they did. It stopped and stood, staring at them.

It was so close they could hear it breathing.

Sasquatch looked hungry and emaciated

According to Stacy, the creature stood about 7 feet tall, but it was in poor condition. It looked hungry and emaciated, with mangy fur, tangled and thickly matted.

They had no idea how it came so close without them hearing it climbing up the hill. It was late in the fall. The path to the camp had dry leaves and sticks that crumpled and snapped when someone walked over them.

It stood staring at them for a while. Then, it turned and walked away, disappearing to the dark woods as silently as it came.

The close encounter scared Stacy and Matt. Despite being emaciated, the creature was strong-looking.

The pair had separate tents but decided to spend the night together for mutual protection. They lay awake in fear for several hours before falling asleep.

Creature returned toward dawn

The Sasquatch returned toward dawn. Stacy recounted that he woke up around 4 a.m. and heard Matt shouting.

There was something outside pushing at the side of their tent. It fled when it heard them screaming. They ran to the car after it left.

Stacy wanted to leave immediately, but Matt wanted to stay.

They called Stacy’s dad, who was a Bigfoot fan. He was excited about the news and persuaded them to stay one more night.

Sasquatch called for backup

They started hearing strange footsteps as soon as it was dark. Later in the night, around 11:30 p.m., they heard two loud calls.

The first call came from several yards away, while the second was more distant, about a mile away.

Fearing that the Sasquatch was calling for backup, they decided it was time to leave. They ran to their car and drove away to safety.

The incident made a lasting impression on Stacy. He gave up his music career to dedicate his life to gathering evidence and raising awareness about Sasquatch.

He has since produced a documentary about Sasquatch and claims he had another encounter with the creature in the woods.

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