Mama Bigfoot allegedly photographed carrying baby on shoulders at Shaver Lake

A man reported he photographed a Mama Bigfoot carrying her baby. Pic credit: Artie via Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization/YouTube

A man fishing for trout at Shaver Lake, CA, reported seeing lots of Bigfoot prints on the ground around the lake. He also claimed he snapped a photo that shows a Mama Bigfoot carrying her child through the woods (see video below).

The witness, who identified as Artie, nicknamed “Troutslayer,” told RMSO that he also noticed multiple small and large prints around the lake. His cousin said they were Sasquatch prints.

Artie snapped the alleged Mama Bigfoot picture in 2021

Artie told RMSO that he captured the alleged Mama Bigfoot and child on camera while fishing with his cousin at Shaver Lake on May 12, 2021.

Shaver is a human-made lake on Stevenson Creek in Sierra National Forest, Fresno County, California.

Sasquatch prints on the path

Artie noticed lots of oversized humanoid footprints on the path to the lake. He drew his cousin’s attention to them. His companion believed they were Bigfoot prints.

Artie shared a photo showing a barbed wire fence in the background of an open space area.

He explained that the creatures that left the footprints pulled down a section of the fence. He could tell because they left footprints to and fro over the section where the fence had been tampered with.

Artie said the path on both sides of the fence looked like a “Bigfoot highway.”

Baby and Mama Bigfoot tracks

The tracks had different sizes. They saw baby-sized, mama-sized, and daddy-sized footprints.

The mama-sized tracks were larger than human tracks. He estimated the size of the mama prints at around 14-15 inches, while some of the daddy-sized prints were up to 20 inches.

RMSO explained that adult female Sasquatch prints average about 14-15 inches while the youngsters’ are 8 inches.

Mama carrying her baby on her shoulders

Artie and his cousin snapped photos while fishing. He later took a short break from fishing to look at them.

While reviewing the photos, he noticed that one appeared to show a Sasquatch in the background. When he zoomed in on the photo, he believed he saw a Mama Bigfoot carrying an infant on her shoulders.

He added that Shaver wasn’t the first place he had seen Sasquatch prints. He had also stumbled upon prints and tracks at other spots, such as Huntington Lake and Balsam Forebay.

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