Aliens created humans and will return by 2035, former West End star claims

Raëlians believe aliens called Elohim created humans using DNA engineering technology. Pic credit: John Thomas Didymus/AI-generated

Former British stage actor Glenn Carter believes extraterrestrials created humans. He also claims the aliens will return to Earth by the middle of the next decade.

They will land in UFOs and take control of the world by 2035.

Carter is known for his acting roles in multiple London West End productions. He played Jesus in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. But today, he is the president of the Raëlian Movement in the UK.

He claims that his beliefs and involvement with the movement, founded in the 1970s by the Frenchman Claude Vorilhon (aka Raël), ended his acting career.

Raël claimed technologically advanced aliens took him aboard their UFOs in the 1970s and shared secret knowledge about the origins and destiny of humanity.

He taught his followers that aliens, called the Elohim, created humans as part of a scientific experiment. The Elohim are not gods, but primitive humans mistook them for supernatural creatures.

Carter converted to Raëlism

Carter became convinced that the Raëlian message was the truth after reading a book the movement published. He joined the group and became president of the UK branch in 2002.

He told the Daily Star that he oversees the movement in the UK. His involvement and public identification with Raëlism caused prejudice and discriminatory treatment that truncated his career.

Due to his experience, Carter understands the challenges members of the group face. Raëlians come from diverse backgrounds. Many joined the movement after having been established in various professional fields.

Members often suffer career setbacks because people discriminate against them. As president of the movement in the UK, Carter has worked to protect them from unfair treatment at work.

Aliens created human DNA

His role as the leader of the movement in the UK also involves spreading the Raëlian message. While they don’t try to convert others to their beliefs, they want to make them aware.

According to Carter, aliens created humans using advanced DNA-based genetic engineering technology. Elohim aliens have been secretly observing humans since creation.

They only revealed themselves to people they wanted to entrust with special knowledge. Raël, the leader and founder of the movement, was one of the chosen few the Elohim shared advanced knowledge with.

Alien Elohim will return to Earth by 2035

Aliens won’t secretly observe humans forever. They will return at the right time and reveal themselves as the creators of the human race.

They will land on Earth in UFOs by 2035 and take control over human affairs.

Meanwhile, the Raëlian Movement is preparing for the second coming of the creator aliens by establishing an embassy on Earth. Members of the group are representatives of the Elohim.

When the Elohim return, the whole world will learn the truth. Everyone will accept the teachings of the movement.

After they return, the Elohim will grant immortality to humans through cloning.

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