David Grusch: US recovered 40ft UFO craft that warped spacetime

Whistleblower David Grusch alleged that US govt recovered spacecraft that warps spacetime. Pic credit: AI-generated

Whistleblower David Grusch claimed he learned from sources within the US intelligence community that the government recovered a UFO that warps spacetime.

According to the former intelligence officer, witnesses reported that the UFO was about 40 feet across from outside but the size of a football field when you entered it.

Grush reportedly made the stunning claim during a private meeting in Manhattan attended by Wall Street honchos and intelligence agency chiefs, the Daily Mail reported.

He told the exclusive gathering of about 60 people that experts who examined the alleged craft believed it could warp spacetime.

UFO warps spacetime

Grush is not the first to claim the government recovered a UFO that warped spacetime.

Paranormal Papers reported in July 2023 that an anonymous whistleblower claimed that the military discovered a spacetime-warping UFO.

The attorney representing the whistleblower said his client participated in government UFO programs. The individual claimed intelligence officials retrieved a UFO that was 30 feet in diameter outside but about the size of a football stadium when you stepped inside it.

It was uncertain whether it was the same alleged craft that Grusch talked about at the secret meeting held in New York City.

Grusch attended a private meeting in Manhattan

The meeting between Grusch and the select group reportedly took place at a Manhattan, NYC, penthouse. According to the Daily Mail, the hosts were Wall Street entrepreneur John Joseph D’Agostino and attorney John J. Altorelli.

The hosts reportedly prohibited attendees from using cameras and recording devices during the meeting. However, someone managed to sneak in a camera and snap photos of Grusch addressing invited participants.

The anonymous source reportedly told the Daily Mail that Grusch flew into New York City to attend the meeting and arrived only a few hours before it commenced.

The source claimed the attendees were a mix of believers and non-believers. Grusch was so convincing that he won over many non-believers.

ETs probably resemble the depiction of Gray Aliens in pop art

The alleged sources only disclosed a few details about what Grusch said at the meeting.

Grusch reportedly claimed that a US geopolitical adversary also wanted to disclose their contacts with “non-human intelligence.”

Some participants were curious about what aliens looked like. They also wanted to know where they came from.

Grusch did not know what aliens looked like but suspected they might be similar to the depiction of the alleged Gray Alien species in popular culture.

UFO and alien enthusiasts often depict Gray Aliens as grey-skinned hominid creatures with oversized heads, large eyes, bulging foreheads, and small jaws.

They also have thin torsos and spindly limbs.

Aliens and UFOs could be interdimensional

Responding to the inquires about where aliens came from, Grusch reportedly said he believed they might be interdimensional beings.

It was not the first time a whistleblower suggested that aliens and their UFOs might be interdimensional. He told Congress in July 2023 that he believed “interdimensionality and the holographic principle” could explain UFOs.

He also suggested to his select audience at the Manhattan penthouse that aliens might not be interdimensional. It could be the advanced technology they use that makes them appear so.

He also revealed that he received training on tracking UFOs using their characteristic frequencies and signatures.

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