‘Mama Bigfoot’ photographed carrying infant on back through Upstate New York woods

Bigfoot is an alleged furry humanoid cryptids. Pic credit: Pixabay

Enthusiasts are sharing an image (see photo below) on social media purportedly showing a female Bigfoot carrying her baby on her back while walking through Upstate New York woods.

The image first surfaced on Facebook and Twitter some years ago, but it has received renewed attention in believer circles lately.

Although believers claim the photo is authentic and provides conclusive evidence that Bigfoot exists, skeptics dismissed it as a forgery.

Mamafoot and babyfoot spotted in upstate New York

Social media sources claimed that a Bigfoot hunter photographed the alleged Mamafoot and her infant in Beacon, Dutchess County, New York.

Multiple reports of Sasquatch sightings have come from Dutchess County and environs in the past decades. Thus, hunters consider the area one of the country’s Sasquatch hotspots.

Photo sparked Facebook debate

The image attracted considerable attention on Facebook. It sparked a debate that pitted Bigfoot believers against skeptics.

Many believers agreed that zoomed-in versions confirmed claims that the photograph shows an infant clinging to its mother’s back.

One believer said the baby was a newborn and that Mama Bigfoots often visited a nearby creek to “wash off” their babies after birth.

However, skeptics scoffed at the suggestions, describing them as wild speculation. According to skeptics, the photograph was more likely a forgery.

One skeptic claimed the body proportions suggested it was a human dressed in a furry costume. Another proposed it could be a hunched human.

Believers responded by accusing skeptics of speculating without evidence.

Where are the Mommiefoot and Babyfoot?

The latest alleged photographic evidence of Bigfoot comes after an expert said he believed the cryptid was an interdimensional creature.

The expert claimed Bigfoot was likely an interdimensional creature because no one has shown evidence that Sasquatch families exist.

Researcher Robert Batholomew argued they could not be native to the Pacific Northwest as some claimed because the only evidence we have so far is blurry photos of lone individuals.

The researcher said that if they were native to our world and the Pacific Northwest, someone would have found evidence of families, including Daddyfoot, Mommiefoot, and Babyfoot.

He added that frequent wildfires in the region would also have led to the discovery of corpses.

An adult could grow up to 8 feet in height. So, it shouldn’t be hard to find their corpses in the woods when they die.

The image purportedly showing a Mama Bigfoot with an infant clinging to her back seemed to contradict Bartholomew’s assertion that no one has evidence of Bigfoot families.

Many believers hailed it as one of the best images of Bigfoot ever and one of the most convincing evidence we have of the legendary cryptid.

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