‘Time traveler’ filmed 1995 Tyson fight on smartphone: debunked bonkers theory makes comeback

Conspiracy theorists claimed a time traveler filmed a 1995 Tyson match using a smartphone. Pic credit: via Inside Edition/YouTube

A bonkers conspiracy theory that first went viral years ago claimed that the video of a 1995 Mike Tyson fight offered evidence that we have time travelers among us.

Although investigators for Inside Edition debunked the theory in 2016 (see video below), it continues to gain media attention and converts.

1995 fight marked Mike Tyson’s attempted comeback

The fight between Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley on August 19, 1995, was at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, Paradise, Nevada. Promoters used it to restart Tyson’s professional boxing career after serving three years in prison on rape charges.

The boxing match was unmemorable. Tyson defeated his little-known opponent through disqualification less than 90 seconds into the fight.

However, a clip from the fight went viral on social media years later after paranormal enthusiasts claimed they spotted an anomaly in it.

They claimed they spotted a man from the future recording the fight from the ringside with a smartphone.

Did Time Traveler film Tyson’s fight on camera cellphone?

Smartphones with cameras were not yet a thing in 1995. But conspiracists claimed the clip showed a man filming the fight with a smartphone.

A closeup of someone at the ringside appeared to confirm the sensational claim. The person holds a device that resembles a modern-day smartphone and seems to be filming with the device.

The video first went viral years ago

After the clip went viral in 2016, many paranormal believers said it proved time travel. However, skeptics struggled to counter the claims by offering various conjectures, but none seemed convincing.

Inside Edition analyzed the clip and admitted it seemed to show a man recording the fight on a cellphone.

The news outlet also cited several previous similar claims, including an enigmatic clip from the 1928 Charlie Chaplain movie premiere. Theorists claimed it showed a woman walking along while talking on a cell phone.

Another footage from 1938 allegedly shows a young woman talking on a handheld device.

Inside Edition: The device was an early camcorder

Believers insisted that the clip shows a ringside spectator holding up an electronic or digital device to record the match. However, skeptics argued that the closeup was too blurred to conclude what the person was holding.

Inside Edition agreed they were likely holding an electronic device.

Presenter Les Trent said their investigation suggested it was not a smartphone but an early version of camcorders called Logitech Fotoman, first launched as Dycam Model 1 in 1991.

The latest news comes after Paranormal Papers reported that enthusiasts claimed a 1980s commercial proved that pop star Taylor Swift was a time traveler.

Others announced that a 3000-year-old ancient Egyptian bust proved that the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was also a time traveler.

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