Flying saucer UFO spotted hovering over Ukrainian battlefield

Military drone operators in Ukraine reportedly spotted a disc-shaped UFO hovering over a battlefield. Pic credit: via Twitter

Ukrainian military drone operators allegedly spotted a flying saucer UFO hovering over a battlefield in the war-ravaged country.

The UFO appeared elongated and cylindrical when viewed in profile, but a closeup suggested to viewers that it was a disc-shaped object.

Footage circulating online documented the baffled reactions of men of the Ukrainian army’s 406th Battalion when they saw the mysterious object hovering silently in the air.

The alleged flying saucer UFO hovered in one spot over a battlefield. The experienced warriors had never seen anything like it.

The news from the theater of the Russo-Ukrainian war comes after Paranormal Papers reported that US military personnel spotted a “jellyfish UFO” flying over a military base in Iraq.

The Pentagon declined response to questions about the video’s authenticity but acknowledged that someone might have leaked “national security information.”

UFO hovers over Ukrainian battlefield

The Daily Mail reported that Ukranian troops sighted the flying saucer UFO while operating a quadcopter carrying a thermal imaging device. The device detected the object due to its relatively high temperature.

The video shows a hovering object with an elongated cylindrical shape in profile. However, online viewers argued that a closeup suggested it was a saucer or disc-shaped object.

The drone operators didn’t know what to make of it. They brainstormed about it for a while until one of them suggested it was a UFO.

The men conversed in Ukrainian. The rough translation below relies on a widely circulated subtitling (see video below):

“Why isn’t it firing at us,” a team member wondered.

“What do you mean?” another asked.

“Holy ****, what the **** is this? Why isn’t it moving?”

“I’m telling you its a UFO, for sure. It’s hovering.”

“Zoom in more.”

“It’s hovering over one spot, its not moving, don’t you see?”

“Maybe we should ram it?”

According to the Daily Mail, the UFO might have been a large object several miles away.

Curious aliens observing humans at war?

The footage sparked online speculation. Believers suggested it could be extraterrestrials observing the war with concern.

The belief that benevolent aliens are concerned about human warfaring and anxious to help avert a nuclear disaster is popular among UFO enthusiasts.

Prominent UFO believers such as the late NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell helped popularize claims that aliens are watching to prevent us from starting a devastating nuclear war.

According to the sixth man to walk on the moon, aliens have no faith in humanity. They closely monitored us during the Cold War to help prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Fata Morgana mirage?

However, a skeptic analyzing the footage on Reddit proposed that the object might have been a type of optical illusion known as a Fata Morgana mirage.

A Fata Morgana mirage occurs when light rays passing through layers of air with different temperatures and densities undergo refractive curvature.

The latest news comes after Paranormal Papers reported that a UFO researcher made a sensational claim that ETs intervened following the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster to prevent harmful radiation from spreading.


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