Pentagon responds to ‘jellyfish UFO’ video leak

The “jellyfish UFO” reportedly sighted over a US military base in Iraq. Pic credit: via NewsNation/YouTube

The Pentagon has responded to a leaked military video allegedly showing a “jellyfish” UFO flying over a US base in Iraq’s Anbar Province in 2017.

UFO researcher Jeremy Corbell shared the video in a new documentary.

He claimed that military personnel filmed the video using a thermal camera in 2017. He added that he obtained it from sources within the intelligence community who leaked it at risk to themselves.

Paranormal Papers reported that a military intelligence officer corroborated Corbell’s story. Michael Cincoski said his colleague showed him the video after he arrived at the Iraq military base in 2018.

He said personnel at the base nicknamed the UFO “spaghetti monster.”

Pentagon: No comment on “jellyfish” UFO video

NewsNation’s Elizabeth Vargas reported that the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) issued a statement Wednesday responding to inquiries about the authenticity of Corbell’s jellyfish UFO footage (see video).

According to Vargas, the Pentagon said they would not comment on its authenticity.

“We do not comment on the authenticity of DoD material that may have been leaked,” the statement said.

“The DoD takes the potential unauthorized disclosure of national security information seriously,” they added.

Significantly, the Pentagon’s response did not deny the video’s authenticity. The statement only said they would not comment on questions about it. The statement also admitted that the video was potentially “national security information.’

First confirmed UFO over restricted facility

Corbell explained why he thought the video was significant and why it was important that people know about it.

He said it was important because it was the first time the public had seen footage of an object officially designated as a UFO moving over a restricted military facility.

Vargas noted it was not the first time that Corbell has shared leaked Pentagon UFOs with the public.

The DoD later officially released classified UFO footage after Corbell shared it publicly.

Growing frustration in the intelligence community

UFO researcher Ross Coulthart noted that the Pentagon did not categorically deny the video’s authenticity.

Instead, they decided not to comment on it.

He added that the Pentagon shared previously classified videos with the public when it suited their purpose.

He agreed with Corbell that the newly leaked video was significantly more so since the DoD did not deny its authenticity.

He also said that the “jellyfish” UFO was the latest in a series of leaks.

It indicated that more defense and intelligence community insiders were becoming frustrated with the lack of official transparency about UFOs.

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