UFOs could be angels or ‘extradimensional’ beings, congressman claims

Missouri Republican Eric Burlison said UFOs could be angels or extradimensional beings. Pic credit: That UFO Podcast/YouTube

Eric Burlison, a Republican member of Congress from Missouri, believes the Bible talks about UFOs. He also believes they could be angels from an “extradimensional” or supernatural realm.

While appearing on a UFO podcast (see video below), Burlison argued that the supernatural beings described in biblical texts as angelic messengers of God could be from a higher dimension of reality.

Rep. Burlison: UFOs could be “extradimensional”

Rep. Burlison explained that he derived his insight into the nature of UFOs after reading a report by former intelligence officer and UFO whistleblower David Grush.

In the report, Grusch said he believed that UFOs and aliens were “extradimensional” or “interdimensional” beings.

Burlison argued that Grusch’s description of UFOs and aliens as “extradimensional” beings could be another way of describing what the scriptures call messengers of God or angels.

“Well in a lot of different scripture, including the Bible and others, that is really the way they describe the messengers of God or Angels,” the Missouri Congressman said. “So they may not fit exactly the biblical narrative, but whenever I use the term angel to me it’s synonymous with extradimensional beings.”

Rep. Burchett claimed Prophet Ezekiel saw a UFO

Missouri Representative Burlison is not the first member of the US Congress to link UFO and alien phenomena with the Bible. Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee also claimed that the Bible talks about UFOs.

While speaking on NewsNation Prime last year (see video below), Burchett said he has been a Christian and a believer in the UFO phenomenon for a long time. According to Burchett, the first chapter of the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel describes a UFO sighting.

However, many people do not realize that Ezekiel was describing a UFO sighting because he talked about his experience from the POV of an ancient person.

Burchett suggested that ancient people interpreted UFOs as supernatural because they did not have a modern scientific understanding.

UFOs are advanced even by modern technological standards, and their capabilities seem supernatural.

Grusch argued UFOs could be interdimensional

Paranormal Papers reported in July 2023 that UFO whistleblower David Grusch told members of Congress he believed aliens in UFOs could be interdimensional beings.

Grusch, a former intelligence officer, was responding to Rep. Burlison when he argued that the holographic principle in theoretical physics could offer a valid framework for understanding UFOs as interdimensional phenomena.

Burlison asked Grusch whether he had seen any of the alien spacecraft that the government allegedly retrieved from UFO crash sites. Grusch said he could not answer the question publicly.

Burlison then asked why so many alien spacecraft allegedly from planets millions of light years away were crashing on Earth.

While attempting to answer the question, Grusch suggested that UFOs could be interdimensional.

“[Beings from a higher dimension that ours] could be quasi-projected from higher dimensional space to lower-dimensional space,” Grusch said. “There is a scientific trope that you can actually cross literally as far as I understand, but it’s probably guys with PhDs who can argue about that.”

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