‘Living Nostradamus’ predicted King Charles III’s health issue, renews warning

A Brazilian pyschic claims he correctly predicted King Charles III’s health issue has renewed his warning . Pic credit: Pixabay

A Brazilian psychic that fans nicknamed “the Living Nostradamus” after multiple predictions he allegedly made came true is drawing attention again after claiming that his predictions about King Charles III came true.

Paranormal Papers reported in November 2023 that Athos Salome, The Living Nostradamus, warned King Charles III about his health. He said the king may be forced to abdicate his throne due to urinogenital health issues.

According to the Daily Star, the Living Nostradamus is now claiming bragging rights following news that King Charles will undergo surgical treatment for an enlarged prostate gland.

The latest news about the Living Nostradamus comes after he made multiple predictions in 2024.

Paranormal Papers reported he predicted alien contact in 2024, an AI rebellion, and the start of World War III.

Living Nostradamus warned Charles would suffer health complications

Salome is talking again about his predictions following news that the monarch would undergo a “corrective procedure” for an enlarged prostate. He wants people to remember that he correctly predicted the king’s health condition.

Although Buckingham Palace said the king’s condition was benign, Salome warned him to take extra caution because it could lead to unexpected complications.

Salome said Charles may abdicate his throne

The Brazilian prophet also predicted that health complications could force the king to abdicate his throne. He said the king would need to pay attention to his health if he wanted to reign longer.

Fans believe that Charles should be concerned about the Living Nostradamus’s prediction after he reportedly predicted the outbreak of COVID-19, the death of Elizabeth II, the Russo-Ukrainian war, and the winner of the World Cup.

The king won’t pass his throne to Prince William

Paranormal Papers also reported that the Living Nostradamus predicted that if Charles abdicated his throne, he might not pass it to Prince William, his presumed heir.

According to the Brazilian psychic, “kabbalistic” forces could prevent Prince William from succeeding his father to the throne of the United Kingdom.

“The Prince of Wales also has the number two in his life, the same frequency as his father,” Salome said. “[They] are super connected kabbalistically saying, but with a difference of revolutionizing the monarchy when he assumes the royalty.”

However, the Living Nostradamus was silent about who would succeed Charles if William did not.

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