Monsterland: Bizarre encounters with Bigfoot holding an orange orb

Residents of a city in central Massachusetts reported bizarre encounters with a Bigfoot carrying a glowing orange orb. Pic credit: John Thomas Didymus/AI-generated

Residents of Leominster and nearby communities in central Massachusetts reported multiple bizarre sightings of a Sasquatch monster holding a glowing orange orb.

Other residents captured footage allegedly showing orange orbs hovering or floating over the woods.

The strange incidents earned the stretch of woods the nickname Monsterland.

Floating orange orbs

Paranormal researcher Ronny Le Blanc told CBS Boston that he also saw floating orange orbs on multiple occasions. The orbs hovered in the sky for several minutes before disappearing mysteriously.

In July 2012, a resident filmed orange orb UFOs hovering mid-air (see videos below). Another sighting occurred in 2019.

In April 2022, Leominster resident Corey Tourigny, 52, filmed a similar orbs (see video below). Tourigny captured footage purportedly showing orange orbs hovering overhead for several minutes before disappearing.

The orbs floated silently in a loose formation about a hundred feet above the level of the trees in the area. They floated southeast from the northwest.

The orbs swarmed in a precise formation like programmed robots, but some traveled faster than others. They occasionally stop to change direction in unison.

They were visible in the sky over Tourigny’s home in South Leominster for several minutes before disappearing.

The witness reported the incident to the police, but they had no idea what they were.

Other residents came forward with similar stories about mysterious floating orange orb UFOs that remained visible for several minutes before disappearing mysteriously.

The alleged floating orb sightings occurred alongside claimed encounters with flying saucers and Bigfoot in the woods.

Bigfoot encounters

People also reported multiple encounters with Bigfoot.

A couple discovered giant humanoid footprints on the notorious Old Mill Road, where a Bigfoot hunter went missing in the 1950s.

They were walking in the woods in June 2010 when they discovered the prints. They later told a local newspaper that encountering an oversized humanoid footprint while walking alone in the woods was an unnerving experience.

Bigfoot with orange orb

Following reports of mysteriously floating and glowing orange orbs, residents claimed they sighted a strange Sasquatch-like monster in the woods.

Some claimed they saw the strange Bigfoot holding a glowing orange orb.

Le Blanc described the alleged orb as resembling a basketball. The halo of the orange glow resembled silently swirling “plasma.”

In Le Blanc’s opinion, encounters with a Bigfoot holding an orange orb suggested a link between the elusive cryptid and UFO phenomena.

Alien abductions

Probably the most alarming encounter involved a woman who claimed aliens abducted her on Howard Street in January 1967.

Leominster resident Betty Andreasson claimed it was not her first encounter with ETs in the area. She had her first encounter with Monsterland ETs in 1944.

Another couple reported seeing a UFO hovering over the local cemetery in March 1967.

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