Monsterland: Bigfoot, UFO sightings earned MA woods ominous nickname

Paranormal enthusiasts nicknamed a wooded area in Massachusetts Monsterland following reports of paranormal activity there. Pic credit: JohnThomas Didymus/AI-generated

Reports of paranormal activity in a wooded area in central Massachusetts have drawn attention lately. Paranormal enthusiasts dubbed the area “Monsterland” following multiple reports of UFO activity and Bigfoot sightings in the area.

Most reports came from residents in nearby communities, including Leominster (Worcester County), 48 miles west of Boston.

Residents have long considered the wooded area around the city contiguous with Leominster State Forest a paranormal hotspot. Older people have for decades shared spooky tales of sinister goings-on in the forested land.

People exploring the surrounding woods reported encounters with flying saucers and floating orb UFOs.

Others reported Bigfoot encounters and alien abduction incidents.

Alleged spooky activity dates back to the 19th century

According to the Daily Mail, reports of spooky activity in the area date back to the 19th century after European settlers arrived

Early 19th-century residents shared stories about a hominid cryptid living in the woods. Paranormal researchers believed the legendary creature was a Bigfoot.

Tales about a Bigfoot in the woods around Leominster reportedly gained traction in the 1950s after a man encountered it on Old Mill Road.

Local legend claims the man went missing after returning to the woods to track the beast. The alleged incident attracted more Bigfoot hunters who claimed they had bizarre encounters and saw Bigfoot tracks.

“Terrifying” Bigfoot encounter on Old Mill Road

According to legend, the man encountered the monster at a spot on Old Mill Road that leads to Leominster State Forest. Thoroughly shaken, he entered a bar for a drink, presumably to calm his nerves.

The barman noticed he looked shaken and asked if he could help. The man said he ran into a terrifying creature on Old Mill Road.

After having his courage bolstered by drink, the man announced he was going into the woods to find the creature. He vowed to bring the body back as proof.

The barman called the police as the man prepared to leave. Officers arrived after he left. They went in search of him on Old Mill Road.

They found his empty car parked at the end of the road. When he failed to show up, the police organized a search in the woods but found no traces of him.

Leominster folklore claims the man’s whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.

Local legends inspired paranormal researchers

The local legends inspired paranormal research activity in the area.

Many enthusiasts investigating claims of strange encounters around Leominster grew up in the city. They recall older relatives telling stories about scary incidents in the woods.

Sixty-six-year-old Ronny Le Blanc (see video below) grew up in Leominster. He claimed he witnessed paranormal activity when he was only 11 years old. He saw a mysterious orange orb hovering silently in the air.

The orb was visible for several minutes but disappeared mysteriously.

The experience spurred a lifelong quest.

Sasquatch holds an orange orb

Old Mill Road acquired notoriety as a paranormal hotspot following claims about a man who went missing after he left to find the Bigfoot monster in the woods.

Investigators inspired by the story have reported strange events involving UFOs and Sasquatch. Incidents include cars breaking down mysteriously on the lonely stretch of road, encounters with alien beings, and abductions.

Some witnesses captured footage of an alleged orange orb that haunts the area.

Reported sightings of a spooky orb in the woods took an even more sinister turn when some claimed they saw a Sasquatch carrying a mysterious fireball-like orange orb in its hands

According to Le Blanche, witnesses described the orb as resembling a “basketball with plasma swirling around.”

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