Idaho hunters encountered 8.5-ft Bigfoot after sighting silvery orb UFO

Idaho hunters encountered a UFO and an 8.5-foot Bigfoot in the woods. Pic credit: Paranormal Papers/AI-generated

A man who regularly hunts with his brother in the Bear River Range area of southeast Idaho claims they had a “couple encounters” with Bigfoot.

One of the multiple incidents involved an aggressive creature about 8.5 feet tall (see video below).

Jacob told the Rocky Mountains Sasquatch Organization (RMSO) that they also stumbled upon a giant Bigfoot print in the Bear River area near Mink Creek (see photo below).

The spot was about a mile away from where the Sasquatch encounter occurred.

Idaho hunters stumbled upon 16-foot Bigfoot tracks

Jacob told RMSO he was hunting in the Bear River Mountains area when he stumbled upon a Bigfoot print impressed in soft earth along a game trail.

He did not have a measuring tape, but by comparing it with his shoe size, he guessed it must have been about 15-16 inches long and 6-7 inches wide.

They saw one deeply imprinted in soft mud and others in the surrounding dryer and firmer ground (see image below).

Alleged 16-inch Bigfoot track in southeast Idaho woods. Pic credit: RMSO/YouTube

Hunters sighted a silvery orb

He also claimed he had multiple encounters with Bigfoot in the area. One of the incidents occurred a few days before they found the footprint. It involved a “very aggressive” creature.

According to Jacob, they were hunting deer when they sighted a mysterious silvery orb moving slowly to and fro in the air.

It paused briefly midair before descending to ground level. It finally disappeared among the dense cluster of trees where they believed it landed.

The witness did not explain whether the orb UFO sighting had anything to do with the subsequent Bigfoot encounter.

Strange noises in the woods

Before the orb appeared, they heard a loud “whoop” ringing through the forest. They didn’t know what made the sound but did not think much of it.

However, after he saw the strange orb, he teased his brother that it might have been a Bigfoot that made the noise. His brother responded to the joke by making a loud whooping noise that echoed through the forest.

Immediately, they got a response from the valley below.

Still spooked by the orb they saw landing in the forest, they believed the sound was not an echo and that there might be something in the valley.

They were packing their stuff to leave when they heard a loud crashing noise like a tree falling.

Encounter with an aggressive Bigfoot

When they heard the crashing noise, they ran toward their parked four-wheeler.

While running, they arrived at a clearing. As they crossed the clearing, a Bigfoot emerged on the other side about 20 yards away. It stopped and looked at them. It seemed annoyed to see them. They had their pistols ready in case it got violent.

A loud crash to the left distracted them momentarily. When they looked back, the creature had disappeared.

They rushed back to their vehicle and made a quick getaway. They haven’t returned to the area since the terrifying incident.

Bigfoot was about 8.5 feet tall

He recalled they saw the Sasquatch about a mile from where they discovered the footprint. He estimated the height of the Bigfoot at about 8.5 feet or a little more.

He guessed the height from observing that a nearby buckbrush reached up to their chest but only to the monster’s knees.

It was a powerful-looking beast with dark fur that had a red tint. He estimated the weight to be up to 550 lbs.

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