Alien hunter spots tiny humanoid ‘seven inches tall in Antarctica’ on Google Earth

Alleged tiny human about seven inches tall in Antarctica. Pic credit: ScottCWaring/TikTok

A veteran UFO and alien spotter claimed he spotted a tiny humanoid creature while investigating Antarctica terrain on Google Earth.

UFO hunter Scott Warring shared the alleged anomaly with his followers in a video recently published on social media (see below).

“I found a tiny human being about seven inches tall in Antarctica,” the UFO hunter announced to stunned followers.

Warring is known for his controversial alien and UFO discoveries on Google Maps and NASA images.

Paranormal Papers reported that he claimed to have spotted a 5,500km-long boomerang UFO zipping past the sun in a NASA image.

Tiny humanoid participating in Antarctica expedition?

Warring spotted the alleged mythical creature at Google Maps coordinates 64°49’18.09″S 63° 6’18.34″W.

The image showed people on Lautaro Island near the Antarctica coast. They wear orange and black overalls and might have been a team of scientists or technicians working on the island.

The alien hunter draws attention to something resembling a tiny humanoid figure standing on the snow with them. The figure appears to be wearing pink overalls. It looks humanoid with legs and an upright torso.


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Tiny humanoid part of Navy Seal team?

Commenting on his bizarre “discovery,” Warring said he found the Google Earth image “odd and a little perplexing.”

He said the tiny humanoid could be a member of the team of scientists or technicians working on the island. He could not tell what they were doing but claimed he noticed a black insignia on their suits that resembled Navy Seal insignia.

Waring commented that cultures worldwide have shared tales about “little people.”

Warring has previously reported sighting tiny aliens in NASA images of the moon and Martian surface.

Reactions on social media

Believers in alien and UFO conspiracy theories gladly welcomed the new alleged evidence of a paranormal creature in Antarctica.

One viewer suggested the creature could have been a regular-sized person but looked tiny because the person standing near them was a giant.

“The other one is just actually a giant,” the believer wrote.

But others agreed it was likely a tiny creature.

Skeptics also had their say.

One suggested it was not a humanoid creature but a “metal stake in the ground with orange on it to identify where it’s located.”

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