Demonic aliens allegedly invaded NC family’s house after UFO hovered over it

‘Black’ demons and a triangular UFO allegedly haunted a family in North Carolina. Pic credit: AI-generated

A North Carolina woman shared a bizarre account of multiple encounters with “black” demonic aliens that entered their house near Richlands, North Carolina. They also saw a triangular UFO hovering over the house.

Ashley Beck shared her strange story on the We’re All Insane podcast (see video below). 

The terrifying encounter occurred after the family relocated to North Carolina with their stepfather, a military man.

They never understood the origin and nature of the UFO and the mysterious dark figures that invaded their home. But they continued experiencing terrifying phenomena until they left the house.

Ashley suspected the demonic aliens monitored their home because they had something of value buried beneath it.

‘Black’ apparitions in the dark

She had multiple terrifying encounters with eerie “black” apparitions lurking in the dark. She saw the demon standing silently in her bedroom.

Ashley questioned her perceptions. Sometimes, she felt it was all in her head or like she was dreaming, but at other times, she thought it was reality.

Visitors also saw the demons

She realized it wasn’t all in her head when visitors also reported experiencing paranormal activity while staying in the house.

One day, a friend visited the house. While playing outside, they saw orbs of light floating over a tree in the backyard.

Frightened, the girls ran indoors and told Mom they saw aliens in the backyard. Mom dismissed it as young children imagining things.

But the girls looked so frightened and shaken that she felt she had to reassure them. So she fetched her gun and went out to the backyard with them.

Strange UFO lights in the air

Outside, they saw a red light flying at a low altitude. It flew away from the house down the road.

Ashley’s mom sent her indoors to fetch her camera. 

She struggled to focus the lens and capture a photograph as the light receded. She couldn’t snap a clear photo because the object was moving fast in the dark.

Triangular UFO with bright lights

They eventually lost sight of the UFO. After minutes of fruitless search, they went back inside. But almost as soon as they entered the house, they saw a bright light approaching.

It approached silently and shone brighter as it moved closer to the house. 

The strange phenomenon scared the dogs, and they began barking furiously. Scared, the girls also started screaming.

It eventually came right up to the house. When it got close, they realized the bright light was a triangular formation of three lights on the underside of a solid black craft.

‘Black’ demonic aliens invaded the house

The girls and Ashley’s mom panicked when the triangular UFO hovered over their house. It was a big craft wider than their house and cast a dark shadow. 

They locked themselves up in Mom’s bedroom and cowered in fright.

The craft left after hovering over the house for several minutes.

Meanwhile, her four-year-old brother was sleeping in his bedroom. After the UFO left, he ran to them screaming.

He said he saw a black apparition in his room and that it was chasing him.

They ran back to Mom’s bedroom and locked themselves up. They believed that the demons or aliens had invaded the house.

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