US military possesses advanced ancient alien tech behind Egyptian pyramids, researcher claims

Ancient alien researcher Billy Carson believes the US military has advanced alien technology. Pic credit: The Shawn Ryan Show/YouTube

A researcher claims that the Pentagon has advanced ancient alien technology that built the Egyptian pyramids.

During a recent appearance on The Shawn Ryan Show, Billy Carson, an expert in ancient aliens, alleged that the ancient Egyptians did not build monuments such as the Great Pyramid of Giza alone.

According to the researcher, ancient aliens with super-advanced technology helped them.

Carson claimed the US government has been working for decades on top-secret projects to recover the secret technology behind the ancient engineering marvels.

The US military and NASA have benefitted from the alleged technology. However, they have kept it secret.

Carson introduced himself on The Shawn Ryan Show as the “president of Forbidden Knowledge Inc. He claimed he holds a “certificate study of science and neuroscience at MIT and ancient civilizations at Harvard.”

Billy Carson: US gov researching ancient alien tech

Carson said that US weapons technology is far more advanced than people suspect, thanks to decades of highly classified research into the forgotten technology of ancient alien civilizations.

Some cutting-edge technologies under development include free energy, advanced AI, and mind-machine interfacing.

The authorities don’t want ordinary people to know about these technologies because the government wants control.

Pentagon working on mind-machine interfacing tech

Carson alleged that DARPA is deep into research to transfer human consciousness into AI-controlled machines.

They’ve achieved great strides under an alleged top-secret program known as the Avatar Project. Recently, they successfully transferred a monkey’s consciousness into a machine.

The next step is to transfer a trained soldier’s consciousness into a machine. Success in the project will allow US soldiers to go remotely into battle in AI-controlled machine bodies.

When the machine gets damaged or destroyed, the soldier controlling it won’t suffer injuries or death. They can abandon the damaged or destroyed machine body and take another one.

Ancient Egyptian pyramids are advanced tech systems

Carson said that historians are wrong that ancient Egyptian engineers designed the pyramids as tombs for the pharaohs.

He claimed that they were massive supercomputers with installed power plants. They could transmit data across vast stretches of space on a frequency he described as the “hydrogen frequency.”

The alleged communication function of the Great Pyramid of Giza explains why the constructors aligned it with target star formations, such as Orion and Arcturus.

He also alleged that the sands of Egypt hold evidence of an ancient nuclear war on Earth.

He said that glass beads recovered from desert sand in Egypt offer proof that a nuclear war occurred in the past because only high temperatures generated by the detonation of super weapons could have created them.

Ark of the Covenant is a power plant

Carson also claimed that ancient Israel’s Ark of the Covenant was not just a wooden box to hold stone tablets. It was a power plant, he claimed.

He alleged that researchers demonstrated the controversial theory that the Ark of the Covenant is a power plant by using the biblical blueprint to build one.

According to Carson, the researchers had to shut it down because it generated more power than they could control.

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