We brought home a graveyard demon that wants to kill us, investigators claim

Paranormal investigators claimed they brought home a graveyard demon that wants to kill them. Pic credit: Pixabay

A British couple claimed that a graveyard demon followed them to their home after an investigation and is trying to kill them.

Charlie Harker and Teresa Hughes are co-founders of a company that offers paranormal investigation services to clients in the U.K. They investigate ghosts and evil spirit hauntings in their spare time and share their experiences on social media.

Teresa became possessed by an evil spirit named George during a visit to a graveyard as part of a haunting investigation. The malevolent spirit followed them home.

Charlie and Teresa’s lives took an unexpectedly dark turn after they unknowingly brought George home with them.

The malevolent spirit has since allegedly plagued their lives with sinister, life-threatening events.

Teresa got possessed while investigating graveyard demon

The couple recalled they were investigating reports of ghoulish activity at a site in Walsall, a town near Birmingham in Scotland, Birmingham Live reported.

Teresa became possessed by a demon during the investigation. Charlie said the first sign of trouble was Teresa falling after a scream.

Charlie recalled hearing her ordering something to get out of her while she lay in the mud in pitch darkness.

Teresa’s recollection of the incident was scant. She only remembered lying in water-logged soil and wetting herself from fright.

The demonic entity followed them home

The couple believed they got rid of the demonic entity before returning home. But they realized soon enough that they were mistaken.

Charlie suggested their error might have been due to inexperience. It was their first personal experience of demonic possession despite nearly two decades of fieldwork.

Evil spirit haunted Charlie and Teresa

They didn’t detect anything unusual at first after they got home. But paranormal incidents increased in intensity until they realized something had gone wrong.

The demon started throwing objects, including knives, around the house. It also threw things down the stairs.

They decided to do a seance to determine the cause of the strange activity. But the haunting only increased in intensity. Teresa recalled that the escalation scared her.

Undaunted, Charlie pressed on with the investigation. He used various equipment, such as Ouija boards and electromagnetic devices that can detect ghosts.

Charlie discovered the evil spirit’s name was George

Charlie tried to use his Ouija board to establish contact with the spirit. He learned its name was George.

During a seance, George revealed he wanted to kill them. According to Charlie, George said, “Kill you, death, die.”

The haunting activity increased further after the ominous message. Charlie added that while he has dealt with hauntings before, the ongoing case was unique.

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