British actor saw lots of triangle UFOs after smoking a ‘massive spliff’

Comedian Craig Charles claimed he saw triangle UFOs flying in formation after smoking a “massive spiff.” Pic credit: UFO Conspiracies/YouTube

British actor and comedian Craig Charles was smoking weed with his brother-in-law when they saw lots of triangle UFOs flying high up in a bizarre pyramidal formation.

The Red Dwarf and Coronation Street star said the spectacular sighting started after they shared a “massive spliff.” But he believed they saw interstellar alien spacecraft despite being high. He insisted the UFOs were otherworldly machines.

Charles and brother-in-law saw UFOs from his backyard

According to the Daily Star, Charles told TV host Jimmy Church during the Awakening Expo in Manchester that he and his brother-in-law were smoking in his backyard when the spectacular sighting occurred. The sky suddenly became filled with flying triangles.

Astonished, he looked sideways at his brother-in-law. Their eyes met, and he asked whether he was also seeing what he was seeing.

“Yeah,” his companion replied, “What is that?”

The actor, known for playing David Lister in the sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf, said they started seeing the UFOs after having a “massive spliff.”

But he did not believe the weed made them see otherworldly crafts in the sky. He insisted they were real because he and his companion saw the same things.

Triangle UFOs were cream-colored and “really high up”

He described the UFOs as cream or white-colored crafts hovering high above. They were flat triangles, not pyramidal.

They saw lots of them flying in formations in the sky. The formation was a pyramid shape.

However, the former presenter of Robot Wars on BBC2 did not say whether neighbors and people nearby also saw the alleged UFOs.

Triangle UFOs in alien folklore

Triangle UFOs feature prominently in ET folklore.

Paranormal Papers reported that a woman claimed a triangle UFO with bright lights hovered over their North Carolina home. It dropped demonic aliens in the yard. They invaded the house, forcing the family to lock themselves up in the master bedroom.

Ashley Beck told the We’re All Insane podcast that she believed the aliens came because they had something of value buried on the grounds.

A former senior US Navy officer also reported he saw a 300-ft triangular UFO hovering over his house. The mysterious craft fired a beam at his car. It made the paint coat turn “milky.”

According to the former US intelligence officer and whistleblower David Grush, the person who gave the testimonial was an active duty officer. He did not want to go public because he feared it could jeopardize his military career.

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