Senior US Navy officer allegedly saw 300-ft triangular UFO that fired beam at his car

A US Navy officer reported an encounter with a UFO hovering over his house. Pic credit: via Chris Lehto/YouTube

A senior US Navy allegedly saw a 300-foot triangle-shaped UFO hovering over his house and car. As the UFO flew overhead, it fired an energy beam that made his car’s paint coating “milky.”

Whistleblower David Grusch, an Air Force veteran and intelligence officer, made the latest stunning discussion on Chris Lehto’s podcast (see video below: start at 5:52)

Grusch testified before Congress about an alleged top-secret UFO retrieval program earlier in July.

Navy officer didn’t share UFO experience with wife for five years

Grusch said he interviewed the senior Navy officer while he served as an intelligence officer investigating UFO incidents. He didn’t want to share information about the officer’s identity because he was still on active duty.

The witness was too scared to share his experience or go on record publicly because he feared repercussions that might jeopardize his career.

He was so scared that he didn’t tell his wife about it until five years later.

Grusch claimed that he has a “background in psychological analysis” and that his assessment of the witness indicated he was not lying.

He said the witness had a “normal psychology” and had no “weird belief system” as far as he could tell.

UFO fired “ionizing radiation” at Navy officer’s car

The officer was going to work at a military facility in the morning when the weird encounter occurred.

He was not drunk or high on drugs. But he saw a 300-foot triangular craft hovering over his car. The encounter lasted only a “couple of minutes.”

According to Grusch, the witness was stunned to see a massive UFO hovering over his car. He “couldn’t even process what he was seeing.”

He watched in shock as the spacecraft fired ionizing radiation at his car.

[Note: Grusch suggests in the video at 6:33 that the ionizing radiation was ultraviolet (UV). Physicists classify UV light as non-ionizing radiation. But higher energy UV light may have an ionizing effect.]

Ionizing radiation from UFO turned car paint “milky”

The officer said that after the incident, he noticed that the beam of energy that the UFO fired at his car had turned the car’s paint coating “milky.” The headlights also stopped working.

He took a picture of his car after the incident so he had physical evidence to back his claims about what happened, Grusch said. The officer also drew what he saw during the brief encounter.

According to the officer, the craft had a triangular shape and was about 300 feet across. It flew in the air without making a sound and emitted strange “omnidirectional” lights.

Grusch said he had never seen a UFO and didn’t believe in them. However, he was baffled because he had no reason to believe the officer was lying.

The whistleblower described the testimonies of the military and intelligence officers he spoke with as an “inflection point” for him.

The testimonies changed his worldview and made him believe something strange was happening.

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