Mexican ‘alien corpses’ are ritual effigies created from animal parts, researcher claims

A researcher believes the Mexican “alien corpses” are not hoaxes but ancient effigies made for ritual purposes. Pic credit: The Telegraph/YouTube

A researcher claims he saw and handled the alleged mummified alien corpses that the UFO researcher Jaime Maussan presented to the Mexican Congress in September.

After examining them, Will Galison concluded that they were not alien corpses but effigies constructed ten centuries ago from different animal and human parts.

“Mummified corpses” not aliens but ritual effigies, researcher said

According to the Daily Mail, Galison said they were not hoaxes but genuine artifacts created about 1,000 years ago. He did not know why members of the Incan culture made the effigies, but he believed it was likely for ritual purposes.

Galison claimed that the Incas constructed them from bits and pieces of human and animal bones. They also contained artificial components not of animal origin.

Galison, a professional musician, added that the skull resembled alpaca skulls.

Alpacas (Lama pacos) is a species of South American mammals similar to camels and llamas but smaller than both.

Galison first saw the alien corpses in 2017

Galison told Nub TV that he first heard about the alleged “alien corpses” in 2017. Believing they might be genuine, he traveled to Peru to see them.

He examined the corpses and took a cast of the skulls. Although he no longer believes they are alien corpses, he speculated that the Incans might have constructed them as models of extraterrestrial beings they encountered or images of deities they worshipped.

He revealed that a tomb robber stole them from an ancient location in Peru. The French archaeologist Thierry Jarmin obtained them from the tomb robber in 2016.

Although Galison wondered whether the tomb robber constructed them to sell to Jarmin, he seemed to favor the theory that ancient Incans made them for ritual purposes.

According to Galison, Jarmin was upset when he learned that Maussan presented them to the Mexican Congress as mummified alien corpses of non-human origin.

It wasn’t clear how Maussan came into possession of the objects or how he transported them from Peru to Mexico. However, during the presentation to the Mexcian Congress, he claimed they originated from Cusco, Peru.

Multiple media reports said the Peruvian government was investigating how they got to Mexico.

What about the eggs inside the “alien corpses”?

The latest development comes after Paranormal Papers reported that experts at the Noor Clinic, Huixquilucan, Mexico City, did CT scans of the “alien corpse,” named Clara and Mauricio, and concluded they were not forgeries.

Dr. José de Jesús Zalce Benitez, who led the team, claimed they were not artificially constructed but “belong to a single skeleton.” He added that each skeleton was a “complete organic being.”

The team also claimed they detected objects inside the abdomen of one of the corpses that appeared to be “eggs.”

Galison claimed that the eggs looked reptilian. But he had no idea why the ancient Incan creators put eggs inside the effigies.

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