Male Bigfoot allegedly hurled rock at woman bowhunting in Montana woods

Montana bowhunter cast an alleged 13.5-inch Bigfoot print discovered in Montana woods. Pic credit: via Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Org./YouTube

A woman reported a close encounter with a rock-throwing male Bigfoot while bowhunting in Montana woods.

Donna, a resident of northwest Montana, told the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (RMSO) that the encounter occurred in September 2016 (see YouTube below).

The latest reported sighting comes after a Canadian man recorded an alleged Sasquatch roar in New Brunswick woods.

Rock-throwing Bigfoot in the woods

Donna reported that a large territorial male Bigfoot threw a rock at her while she was bowhunting alone in the woods.

She had parked her truck before the gated road and walked a few miles into the forest. A large rock struck the ground near her feet while standing on a rocky ledge overlooking a section of the woods.

The bowhunter reckoned that someone or something threw to hit her. She looked around to see if she could spot her assailant, but it was quiet in the woods, and her eyes picked no movements.

Massive Bigfoot shakes tree to warn hunter

As she looked around, she heard a sound resembling a whistle. She looked where the sound came from and saw a massive Bigfoot standing about 75 yards away in a small clearing.

The Bigfoot stood erect between two trees. It reached out and started shaking the nearest tree.

Donna was an experienced hunter. After having hunted in Montana woods for decades, she was familiar with the animals native to the region. She was sure the creature was not a moose or a bear.

Alarmed, she decided to retreat as fast as possible. But as she took off on an elk trail, she heard a growling sound coming from behind a timber ahead.

She knew that the Bigfoot she saw couldn’t have overtaken her. So she guessed there was more than one of them.

They might have been a family, and the one that emerged from hiding was the territorial male.

[Note: Donna’s story starts at 7:29]

She made it safely to her truck and saw no signs that they tried to pursue her.

They only wanted her to leave their territory.

Aggressive male Bigfoot was 8 feet tall

Donna believed the one she saw was the male of the family because it was big and aggressive. He stood about 8 feet tall.

It was too far away to see his facial features, but he had shiny black hair.

The encounter occurred on a sunlit morning. The shiny luster of its coat suggested it had been bathing.

Sasquatch prints in the mud

Donna returned to the woods after getting over the shock of the first encounter. But she did not go alone.

She believed the Bigfoot family still roamed the woods where the encounter occurred because she saw footprints during subsequent visits.

She cast one of two prints preserved in mud near a spring (see image above). The one she cast was about 13.5 inches long. The other was much bigger. She guessed the smaller one was a female Bigfoot and the larger male.

She saw other other prints, including smaller ones probably left by juvenile Bigfoot.

Cryptid family left gifts for bowhunter

Donna reckoned that the family was aware of her subsequent visits.

She left apples, nuts, and granola on a rock. They would come and take the food and leave gifts, such as mushrooms.

She believed they were not dangerous, only territorial. Although the rock could have killed her, she thought he only threw it to warn her to get off his territory.

Donna also left a camera on a tree overlooking the rock where she left food for them. But they seemed to understand why she left the camera.

They took it down and placed it face down in the dust.

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