Canadian man believes he recorded ‘Bigfoot roar’ in woods

A Bigfoot with a terrifying roar allegedly roams the forests of New Brunswick, Canada. Pic credit: Pixabay

A Canadian man believes he may have recorded the roar of a Bigfoot in the wild.

Reddit User Extra-Dimension-276 took to the Bigfoot subreddit (r/bigfoot) to share a video captured in a wooded, snow-covered area in New Brunswick, Canada.

The Reddit user explained that he was in the woods earlier in the week when he heard an unfamiliar sound resembling the howl of a wild beast.

The howl followed the call of a pileated woodpecker.

“I heard a pileated woodpecker do its alarm call and then I heard some odd noises and started recording,” he said. “Doesn’t sound like a lynx call or anything I know.”

Terrifying sounds in Eastern Canadian woods

The video shows a man filming (see below) in the forest while hiding behind a fence constructed from logs. Viewers hear a prolonged guttural howl with an eerie quality resonating through the woods.

He thought the noise sounded odd, so he started recording.

“What was that?” he asked.

He fled the scene after taking the video.

Was it a Bigfoot?

The Redditor also shared an update.

He feared people would think he was crazy to believe a Bigfoot might have made the sound. Family members laughed at him when he showed them the video and suggested it was the elusive cryptid.

He was initially hesitant to post the video because he feared it would “damage [his] reputation” and “people [would] think [he was] a liar or not all there.”

The Redditor ended, saying that while he suspected it might be a Sasquatch, he wasn’t sure what it was.

“I’m just sharing what I witnessed because I know you guys think it is interesting,” he concluded.

Reactions on Reddit

Many subreddit members reacted with inquiries and suggestions.

Suggestions included a wolf, a bear, or a lynx.

“There are some crazy noises out there but it’s not bigfoot bro… lynx for example,” someone commented.

“Could be a bear death moan. It is winter but poaching or a random bear fight could cause this. Sounds very close,” another person said.

Others believed it could have been a Sasquatch. A user claimed they heard a similar sound in North Carolina years ago.

“I heard similar sounds in Northern California about 15 years ago. Wild stuff,” the person wrote.

“[I] can confirm I heard this exact same sound pretty constantly for 10 minutes in the woods of eastern Canada–New Brunswick specifically–last year October 2023. Was chilling to hear this again,” another person commented.

A believer expressed concern about the Redditor’s safety.

“Hope you’re armed. They know what firearms are and seem wary of them,” the believer said.

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