Pilot sighted bizarre orange UFO during Boston-Pennsylvania flight

A pilot reported sighting an orange UFO during a flight from Boston to Pennsylvania. Pic credit: John Thomas Didymus/AI-generated

The captain of a commercial airline flight from Boston to Pennsylvania radioed Air Traffic Control (ATC) to report an encounter with a bizarre orange UFO.

He insisted that the UFO was not a regular airplane but a bright orange object that changed direction abruptly.

The sighting is the latest case of a pilot reporting that a UFO buzzed their plane mid-flight. Some of the most enigmatic reports in UFO sightings history came from pilots on routine flights.

Paranormal Papers previously reported that a pilot and his captain claimed they sighted a massive UFO “twice the size of a city” while flying over the central Mexican state of Querétaro en route to Los Angeles.

UFO with orange lights buzzed airliner

The captain’s comments in the recorded audio of his conversation with the air traffic controller betrayed his incredulity.

According to the Daily Star, the pilot told ATC they would think he was crazy after hearing about what he saw. He then went on to give a detailed description of the UFO.

He said that a strange flying object with bright orange lights appeared without warning to their right. It passed from the right side of the jet to the left and back after changing direction abruptly.

It flashed lights multiple times before disappearing.

Mysterious UFO “turned 180 degrees in about a second”

The most striking thing about the UFO’s flight behavior was its ability to change direction abruptly.

He told the air traffic controller that after it passed from their right to left, it suddenly “turned 180 degrees” and retraced its flight path. He said the to and fro motion happened “in a blink.”

Experts consider the ability of an aerial object to change direction suddenly or perform “extreme acceleration” as “hard evidence” of alien technology.

Co-pilot corroborated the captain’s account

The air traffic controller didn’t know what to make of the bizarre account and expressed their amazement. The captain’s co-pilot intervened to corroborate it.

The co-pilot said a bright orange craft passed to and fro in front of them. It passed, did an abrupt U-turn, and retraced its path in a flash. He confirmed that it flashed lights at them about four times before disappearing.

The co-pilot added that it was certainly not a regular aircraft. It didn’t have strobe lights. It gave off a weird orange glow that flashed on and off.

Pilots report the strangest sightings

Commercial airline pilots have reported some of the strangest and most convincing UFO sightings.

Paranormal Papers reported that a veteran commercial pilot recently shared his experience with UFOs while flying in Alaska.

Pilot Theo Chesley told History Channel’s Ancient Aliens that he had two UFO encounters in Alaska. The first incident in 2019 involved a flying saucer UFO hovering over Mt. Shishaldin.

The second was a mysterious black object cloaked in a strange cloud formation.

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