Pilot allegedly encountered ‘gigantic’ UFO ‘twice the size of a city’ over Mexico

A pilot reported an encounter with a city-sized UFO over Mexico. Pic credit: John Thomas Didymus/AI-generated

A pilot claimed that he and his captain encountered a “gigantic” UFO “twice the size of a city” while flying over Mexico. They watched as the city-sized UFO flew high over Querétaro city eastward to the Gulf of Mexico.

The identity of the UFO remained a mystery after Mexican authorities allegedly couldn’t explain it.

The story sparked speculation on social media. Many UFO believers expressed conviction that it was an alien mothership. Some claimed they sighted UFOs that matched the description.

The Sun reported that a social media user claimed they saw a similar UFO over Arizona. Another saw one over Cancun in Mexico.

The latest sensational claim of a UFO sighting comes after Paranormal Papers reported that a former US soldier said Andromedan aliens took him aboard their UFO mothership.

Bright light in the sky

Pilot Arturo Saucedo and his captain were flying over the state of Querétaro in Central Mexico en route to Los Angeles when the alleged sighting occurred.

He first saw a bright light in the distance but didn’t think much of it. As they approached the light source, their airplane seemed to plunge into a dark tunnel. They emerged at the other end of the tunnel to a sky bathed in bright light.

He recalled he thought it might be a space-bound object, such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket. He had seen images of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite train consisting of a string of bright light sources.

But as they approached, he realized it might be something else.

UFO so large it resembled a lighted city

The sight that unfolded as they approached filled Saucedo with wonder. The encounter occurred at night directly over Querétaro city, at about 35,000 feet. He could see the city lights below.

The UFO looked like a lighted city but twice the size. Saucedo had encountered UFOs while flying, but this was unlike anything he had ever seen.

He admitted he had no evidence that it was of extraterrestrial origin. However, he had to call it a UFO because he had no idea what it was.

What was most unusual about it was its size. He described it as “gigantic” and estimated it was about twice the size of the Mexican city below.

They watched as it traveled eastward to the Gulf of Mexico until it was out of sight.

UFO could be US black project tech, pilot claimed

The pilots reported the strange encounter to the authorities. The response to their inquiry left them even more baffled.

They learned that whatever they encountered was not a space-bound rocket because there was no record of a launch over the region that night.

Although the authorities claimed they had no idea what the UFO was, Saucedo believed it was likely the product of a US government black project.

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