Former US soldier claimed blue-skinned Andromedan aliens took him aboard UFO

An ex-US soldier claimed Andromedan aliens took him aboard their UFO spacecraft. Pic credit: AI-generated

An ex-serviceman claimed that extraterrestrials took him aboard their UFO mothership. While there, he met and had conversations with two Andromedan aliens.

According to former US soldier Alex Collier, he met two Andromedans, Vissaeus and Moroanay, in the 1980s.

Vissaeus and Moroanay, according to Collier, were humanoid beings with bluish skins. They took him aboard their UFO and made him wear a waist gadget that allowed him to live on their spacecraft for months.

Collier was not the first American who claimed that aliens took him aboard their spaceship.

Paranormal Papers reported that two Mississippi men, Calvin Parker, and Charles Hickson, claimed 5-foot-tall aliens with crab-like pincers took them aboard their UFO.

The incident, known as the Pascagoula Abduction, allegedly happened in October 1973 while the men were fishing near the while fishing.

Aliens abducted Collier while playing on a field

Collier claimed the Andromedan aliens abducted him in the 1980s while he was playing on a field.

He suddenly felt drowsy and slept. When he woke up, he found himself lying on a table. A tall creature with bluish skin stood beside him. It stood tall and straight and seemed perfect in physical proportions. He estimated the height at about 7 feet.

Strangely, Collier felt no fear when he opened his eyes and saw the strange-looking alien standing by his side.

Instead of fear, he felt “love” for it.

Abuctee lived with Andromedan aliens for three months

Collier said he lived with the Andromedan aliens on their UFO starship for three months.

During that time, he learned a lot from them. They shared startling information about the distribution of intelligent life across galaxies.

The aliens had studied humanity. Collier said they told him many things he didn’t know about humans.

Vissaeus and Moroanay told him that the universe was 21 billion years old and that it had a population of more than 135 million members of the human race (Homo sapiens). They told him alien species identical to or similar to humans lived on other planets.

Earthlings share a common genetic lineage with the alleged aliens.

Aliens told Collier he had Andromedan ancestry

They revealed to Collier that he had Andromendan ancestry.

Collier came to Earth 62,000 years ago as an Andromedan but died during an altercation involving two other alien species. He’s been experiencing an earth-bound “re-incarnational cycle” since then.

The aliens showed him a cine projection of his reincarnation cycles on Earth.

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