Sasquatch attack allegedly caught on video, victim knocked unconscious

A Sasquatch allegedly hurled a rock at a man and knocked him unconscious. Pic credit: via Smokey Sasquatch Stories & Survival/YouTube

A man claims he survived a Sasquatch attack and that he has video evidence to back up his story (scroll down to see video).

The man, named Dan, said the attack left him with a head injury and concussion and sent him to hospital. He left the hospital with multiple stitches and a pounding headache.

He shared a video of the alleged moment a Sasquatch hurled a rock at his head and knocked him unconscious with Smokey Sasquatch Stories & Survival YouTube channel.

The video has been viewed on YouTube nearly 100,000 times.

Paranormal Papers also reported that a woman claimed she encountered a rock-throwing Sasquatch while bow hunting in Montana woods.

Bigfoot wood knocks in the forest

The victim went for a walk on a fine day in February when the winter cold eased up a bit. He wanted to make the best of the brief spell of warm weather but crossed paths with a Sasquatch.

He walked deep into the heart of the forest. While passing through a thickly wooded section, he heard loud whacking sounds about 50-70 feet ahead.

It didn’t sound like an axe hitting wood but like someone vigorously using a stout club to hit a tree.

The section of the woods was part of his property, so he wanted to see if anyone was trespassing. But he had an uneasy feeling as he approached because he judged that whoever it was whacking a tree so vigorously and relentlessly had to be much stronger than the average human.

He’d heard about Sasquatch wood-knocking behavior and suspected the trespasser might not be human. The thought of capturing a Sasquatch on camera excited him.

Sasquatch attack

He took out his cell phone in anticipation of capturing a Bigfoot wood knocking. When he saw a Sasquatch ahead, he raised his camera. But immediately after he pressed record, something hit his head and knocked him unconscious.

He found himself in the hospital when he regained consciousness.

He learned that his wife became worried after he was away longer than expected. She came in search of him and found him lying unconscious on the ground with a gash on his head and blood flowing.

He figured that the Bigfoot hurled a rock at him and knocked him unconscious when he started filming.

Footage captured moment rock hit victim, vocalizations

Viewers can see the moment the rock allegedly hit the victim’s head and knocked him unconscious, starting at 3:15 in the video.

The video doesn’t show the Sasquatch, but the witness claimed it shows the rock flying toward him and hitting his head.

The phone fell from his hand after he slumped and fell unconscious, but it continued recording. The victim claimed the phone also recorded vocalizations (start 4:13).

What you shouldn’t do during a Sasquatch encounter

He said he suffered the attack because he made mistakes during the encounter. He hoped others would learn from his experience to avoid a Sasquatch attack in the wild.

He added that being aware of the signs of the presence of a Sasquatch when alone in the woods would help avoid attacks because the creatures turn violent only when someone invades their privacy.

Sasquatch will leave you alone if you respect their space, he explained.

Don’t try to retrieve a cell phone or other device from your pocket or bag to record a close encounter. The creatures are intelligent enough to understand the risk of facing an armed human, and fear may force them to attack in self-defense.

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