Metallic sphere UFO ‘about the size of a smart car’ filmed over Lubbock

A resident filmed a metallic sphere UFO over Lubbock. Pic credit: drc_art/Instagram

A resident filmed a UFO flying over Lubbock, Texas, in June.

Dave Clayton, an artist from West Texas, captured footage of a mysterious object over the city. He was in the company of a friend on June 23 when he looked up and saw it in the sky.

Clayton uploaded the video to his Instagram page, where thousands of curious users viewed it.

UFO accelerating while flying against the wind

According to Clayton, the video shows the alleged UFO, a “metallic sphere about the size of a smart car,” accelerating as it flew against the wind.

[Note: You may view the video here on Instagram.]

The artist explained that he first thought the object was a balloon. But after watching for a while, he noticed it accelerating as it flew in a straight line.

Realizing it might be a UFO, he alerted his friend and pulled out his cell phone to record. The object continued flying until it disappeared over the horizon.

Clayton noted that as of July 13, more than 60,000 people had viewed the video.

Other residents of the Lubbock area saw the UFO

Clayton later uploaded videos taken by other residents of the city that appeared to show the same object flying in the sky.

The first, taken by a user identified as Lee Rouse, shows an aerial object similar to the one Clayton filmed. The footage shows a UFO drifting in the sky below dark clouds.

Rouse reportedly shot the footage over wind farms in Hale County, about 35 miles northeast of Lubbock.

Clayton opined that it was one of the “clearest footage” of a UFO he had recently seen.

“Whether it be aliens or man-made it is a fascinating phenomenon,” he commented.

[Note: View Lee Rouse’s video here on Instagram.]

Clayton shared another video captured on June 26 by someone traveling on Interstate 20, about 15 minutes outside Midland on the way to Big Spring, Texas.

The video appeared to show the UFO that Clayton filmed over Lubbock.

You may view the video here.


Most of Clayton’s followers responded to the video with joking comments. However, a few speculated on what it might be.

Some thought it was likely a drone, but the artist said the object was too big to be a drone.

The latest sighting comes after a tourist reported discovering a UFO in a selfie he snapped while visiting the Bilbao dunes of Coahuila state, Mexico.

Kurt Coleman, an Aussie Instagram influencer, also claimed multiple UFO sightings over Australia’s Gold Coast.

The Lubbock Lights

Lubbock was also the site of one of the best-known UFO sightings in recent history. The famous Lubbock Lights incident occurred from August to September 1951.

Residents of Lubbock and its environs reported a strange formation of lights over the city. Three college professors first reported seeing the lights late on August 25, 1951.

They saw the strange lights flying in formation across the sky from their backyards. While debating the first sighting, another set of lights crossed the sky.

On the same night, a group of women reported seeing lights in the sky.

The professors reported a similar sighting on September 5, 1951, in the company of two other colleagues.

A college freshman who claimed to have photographed a v-shaped formation of lights on August 30, 1951, shared it with the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

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