God versus UFOs: New film explores link between aliens and the paranormal

God versus UFOs is a new film that explores the possible links between UFOs, aliens, and the paranormal. Pic credit: Nub TV/YouTube

A new film, God vs UFOs, explores the possible links between UFOs, aliens, and the paranormal.

Presenter Mark Christopher Lee talks with experts in paranormal and science research. Together, they explore the competing theories about the nature and origin of UFO and alien phenomena.

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The film features Harvard astronomy professor Avi Loeb, UFO researcher Nick Pope, and the demonologist Ian Broadmore. Others include UFO and paranormal researchers Yvette Fielding, Guy Thompson, Evelyn Hollow, John Hanson, Rev Daniel Thompson, and Philip Kinsella.

God versus UFOs is the latest by the creators of God Versus Aliens, directed by Mark Christopher Lee and starring Nick Pope.

Naturalistic vs paranormal theory of UFOs

Some experts, such as Harvard physicist Avi Loeb, propose an entirely naturalistic or physicalist explanation of the UFO phenomenon.

According to physicalists, aliens are not supernatural or paranormal but physical beings from distant planets with exotic biology and advanced technology.

Others propose aliens are supernatural beings, such as spirits, ghosts, demons, and angels. An alternative paranormal theory suggests that they are interdimensional in nature.

Interdimensionality in paranormal studies proposes that UFOs come from higher dimensions or realms that may be considered supernatural or spiritual in nature.

However, proponents of the naturalist or physicalist school of thought insist there is no need to invoke the supernatural to explain UFOs.

According to physicalists, the known laws of physics are sufficient to explain UFOs.

Are UFOs demonic beings or angels?

Multiple public figures, including politicians and officials in the UK and US, proposed that the UFOs may be demonic or angelic beings.

Eric Burlison, a Republican member of Congress from Missouri, suggested that UFOs were angels from an “extradimensional” or paranormal realm of existence.

According to Burlison, angels or messengers of God are aliens because they are otherworldly.

Representative Tim Burchett from Tennessee claimed that the first chapter of the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel describes a UFO sighting.

Paranormal Papers reported that UFO whistleblower and former intelligence officer David Grusch proposed that UFOs were interdimensional.

Project Blue Beam

God versus UFOs also examines the Project Blue Beam conspiracy theory.

According to some UFO conspiracy theories, there is a secret cabal controlling government known as the “Deep State” or the Illuminati.

The cabal plans to use advanced technology based on holography (hologram technology) to generate an alien invasion false flag.

A different version of the Project Blue Beam theory claims that the Illuminati will use hologram technology to create a second coming of Christ false flag event.

Both versions of the conspiracy theory agree that the goal of the Illuminati or Deep State is to make people believe that the world is under threat of invasion by beings from another world.

They will then exploit the mass panic to force people to accept the imposition of a One World government under the mythical Antichrist.

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