Veteran Nessie hunter reports first sighting in 2024

A veteran Loch Ness Monster hunter has claimed the first sighting in 2024. Pic credit: Pixabay

Veteran Loch Ness Monster hunter Eoin O’Faodhagain has claimed his first 2024 monster sighting.

According to the Daily Star, the Nessie enthusiast reported that his first monster sighting in 2024 occurred while monitoring the calm surface of Loch Ness on Tuesday, January 16.

[Note: Loch Ness is a deep freshwater lake (loch) in the Scottish Highlands, southwest of Inverness.]

O’Faodhagain noticed a ripple spreading on the water while observing on the webcam installed by Visit Inverness Loch Ness (VILN). A closer look revealed an undulating dark shape about 10 feet long and half-submerged in the water.

It was not the first time he had seen the shape. He recalled a similar sighting toward dusk about two months ago. He recognized the shape of Loch Ness coming to the surface for a breath of fresh air.

The latest alleged Loch Ness monster sighting comes after O’Faodhagain reported in July 2023 that he filmed Nessie stalking a boat on the lake.

A TikTok group claimed in August that they discovered a network of caves and underwater passages they believed served as the Loch Ness monster’s lair.

Latest sighting may offer insight into Nessie’s daily routine

O’Faodhagain explained that the sighting occurred early in the morning at dawn. He watched as the lake monster swam northward.

He recalled that it was at dusk that he last sighted the creature swimming southward.

The researcher concluded that the latest sighting could offer an insight into the lake monster’s daily habit.

Monster hunter learned something new about Nessie

The monster expert expressed delight about the opportunity to gain an insight into the elusive lake monster’s daily routine.

Despite years of observation, it was the first time he noticed that Nessie spends its day on the north side of the lake and returns to the south side at dusk.

He did not know why Nessie traveled to another side of the lake in the morning and returned at night. But he speculated that it likely swims northward in the morning to feed and southward toward dusk to its lair to rest.

However, he acknowledged it was also possible that Nessie hunted at night and rested during the day. That means it goes to the northside at dawn to spend the day at its favorite resting spots and travels south at dusk to hunt overnight.

Recent Nessie sightings

Multiple tourists have also reported sighting Nessie recently.

A tourist claimed they spotted the cryptid while traveling past the lake in a coach in October. Sash Lake of Box, Wiltshire, claimed Nessie was the size of a “double-decker bus.”

Another tourist, Fiona Wade, claimed she saw Nessie swimming in the middle of the lake.

She saw three hump-like shapes in the water. They were visible for several seconds. She believed the shapes belonged to the same creature.

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