Eglin AFB officials blocked lawmakers from accessing UFO info, Congressman alleges

Rep. Tim Burchett accused military officials at Eglin Base of preventing lawmakers from seeing UFO records. Pic credit: NewsNation/YouTube

Representative Tim Burchett alleged that Pentagon prevented him and other members of Congress from accessing UFO-related records.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated hearing on UFOs scheduled for Wednesday (July 26), Congressman Burchett, a member of the House Oversight Committee leading the UFO investigation, said that Pentagon and the Air Force authorities denied members of his subcommittee access to records, according to NewsNation.

The Congressman from Tennessee claimed that the officials did not let them see images, data, and recorded testimonies by UFO witnesses.

He added that the action explains why “no one trusts the government.”

Pentagon officials did not let lawmakers attend UFO briefing

According to Burchett, he and fellow lawmakers recently traveled to the Eglin Air Force Base in Florida to attend a meeting and briefing on UFOs. But when they got to the base, the military officials in charge inexplicably prevented them from attending the briefing.

Personnel at the base also allegedly declined to respond to inquiries from whistleblowers expected to testify during the upcoming hearing.

Officials said Burchett was not eligible to see info

According to Burchett, the members of Congress who went to Elgin AFB did not expect officials would block them from accessing the information they demanded.

Representative Matt Gaetz reportedly stood his ground, saying they would not proceed with the meeting until the officials gave them the info they wanted. But the military officials insisted they were not authorized to release it.

Burchett added that the officials told them that he (Burchett) and his subcommittee colleague, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, were not eligible to view the information.

“The Pentagon knows better,” Burchett said in reaction to the claim that he and Rep. Luna were not eligible to see the information. “This is why no one trusts the government.”

Burchett accused the authorities of UFO coverup

The latest incident comes after Burchett accused the intelligence agencies and Pentagon of covering up UFO information.

Paranormal Papers reported that Burchett claimed that the authorities have been covering up UFO information since the 1947 Roswell incident. He also suggested that the coverup may have started as early as 1897 after the Aurora UFO incident.

He claimed that alien technology was light years ahead of human technology and that evidence suggested UFOs could travel at speeds defying the known laws of physics.

Burchett added that officials concealing UFO info were motivated by “power and greed.”

Congress will get to the bottom of the UFO question, Burchett vowed

The latest developments come after the representative from Tennessee vowed that the House Oversight Committee members would ensure they get to the bottom of the UFO mystery.

He accused the military and the intelligence agencies of working to block their efforts to hold a hearing on UFOs. He wondered why officials who said they were not hiding information were also preventing lawmakers from accessing relevant documents ned records.

Burchett promised that the information whistleblowers share with the committee will be available to the public because Americans have a right to know.

“We are going to get to the bottom of it, whatever the truth may be,” Burchett promised. “We are done with the coverup.”

Paranormal Papers reported that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced a bill to declassify UFO files. The bill also grants the government eminent domain over alien tech and evidence of extraterrestrial biology.

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