‘UFO’ sighting on live weather report

Buffalo meteorologist for WKBW, Andy Parker, was giving his weather report for the next day when a ‘UFO’ was caught by the station’s weather cams and broadcast live on TV. This happened at around 11:20 pm on Thursday, June 14, and  Parker was so astonished that he had to ask his co-workers “Did anyone else see … Read more

Does this video show a massive dire wolf?

A video was uploaded to YouTube this week that depicts what some are calling a massive dire wolf. The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Nv Tv, who said that the sighting occurred in the United States on October 1, 2015. The story that the uploader tells is that he was outside his house … Read more

Mystery creature is sucking the blood of sheep in India

Recently in the Jaipur district of Odisha, India, numerous sheep have been killed or injured by some sort of mystery creature. Although only two sheep were killed a couple injured, this follows similar killings that happened on a larger scale last year. Over 150 sheep were killed in just a matter of weeks and the cause … Read more

‘Birdfish’ found in China is raising lots of questions

A video of what people are calling “birdfish” is circulating around on the internet. This unusual fish was caught in the Guizhou province in southwestern China and is around two feet long. After the fisherman caught the fish, he uploaded a video to the Chinese social media platform, Weibo, and the internet has dubbed it … Read more

Ghost woman watches over 5-year-old boy at Oldway Mansion

Louise Lenton was shocked to discover that she had inadvertently captured footage of a ghost woman watching over her son at Oldway Mansion. She said that she had taken her 5-year-old son to practice learning to ride his bike in the parking lot of the mansion in Southwest England because it was flat, and seemed … Read more

Paranormal Convention at Moundsville Penitentiary July 21st

The West Virginia State Penitentiary will hold it’s 2nd Paranormal Expo on July 21st at what is known in the paranormal community as the “Moundsville Penitentiary”. The paranormal convention is a fundraiser for the prison, tickets for general admission are only $10, but tours and extras have additional fees. Moundsville is one of the most … Read more

Woman dumps boyfriend because ghost followed him home from exorcism

A man from Worthing, West Sussex, in England says his girlfriend dumped him after he performed an exorcism and a ghost followed him home and attacked her. Ed Booker, 37, is part of a ghost-hunting/paranormal investigation group who went to clear out a home in Horseham, West Sussex. The home had been reportedly full of … Read more