Brad Steiger dies: Paranormal legend passes away at age of 82

Paranormal legend Brad Steiger has passed away at the age of 82. Steiger, both a radio and podcast host and writer, investigated, talked and wrote about a plethora of interesting paranormal topics. He was widely known and respected in the paranormal world and had many fans. Steiger died on May 6th, 2018, at the Muse … Read more

Hotel Leger episode of Ghost Adventures to investigate saloon’s creepy goings on

The Travel Channel’s hit paranormal investigation show, Ghost Adventures, went to Mokelumne Hill, California, recently to investigate the Hotel Leger’s paranormal activity. The results of Zak Bagans and the crew’s investigation of the hotel will air on June 16th. That’s quite a while to wait but in case you’re curious, here’s some interesting history of the … Read more

10 signs your house is haunted

“Is my house haunted?” — a question lots of us have asked in the past! Many people question whether or not their house is frequented by ghosts or other entities. Most of us have heard stories of weird goings on after people move into a new property, or have even experienced things ourselves. Whether or … Read more

10 cryptids you probably didn’t know about

It’s a good bet that you’ve heard of some of the most famous cryptids from around the world: Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Mothman, Yetis and the Chupacabra. But with the field of cryptozoology having such a wide scope, and continuing to grow, it’s also safe to bet that there are a lot you’ve … Read more