Mystery creature is sucking the blood of sheep in India

Mystery creature that has been sucking the blood of sheep in India strikes againl

Recently in the Jaipur district of Odisha, India, numerous sheep have been killed or injured by some sort of mystery creature.

Although only two sheep were killed a couple injured, this follows similar killings that happened on a larger scale last year. Over 150 sheep were killed in just a matter of weeks and the cause of the deaths was never explained, leading many to speculate that it has returned.

The two sheep that were dead had their intestines and livers removed and eaten. The mystery attacker seems to have also drank the blood of the sheep.

The authorities are trying to prevent a widespread panic by saying that it was probably the handiwork of a hyena. However, as the farmer who owned the sheep points out, a hyena couldn’t attack so many sheep at once, and it also would have left some sort of tracks. Locals don’t think that this is any ordinary animal. They say it attacks many creatures at once, drinks their blood and leaves no footprints. Even more odd is that the mystery creature only attacks sheep, leaving other livestock unharmed.

Could the mystery creature be something like an India version of the legendary Chupacabra?

The authorities seem to have every reason to think that the locals could panic about the situation. They sure did last year! The widespread panic led to things like farmers staying up all night trying to catch and kill they mystery creature before it could kill more livestock, or hurt anyone. Hoax pictures on the internet and lots of speculation led to people thinking that the creature could be a demon, alien, or the Chupacabra.

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