Vedic texts prove alien flying saucer UFOs visited ancient India, researchers claim

Ancient Vedic texts allegedly contain references to flying saucer UFOs called Vimanas. Pic credit: History Channel/YouTube

Ancient astronaut theorists note that Hindu Sanskrit texts contain multiple references to mysterious flying machines called Vimana. The Indian sacred texts identify the Vimana as the “flying palaces” or “chariots of the gods.”

Detailed descriptions of the Vimana in the Sanskrit texts of the Hindu religion match our modern concept of flying saucer UFOs, ancient astronaut theorists claim.

Vimanas were allegedly saucer-shaped alien spacecraft that visited India in ancient times.

Did extraterrestrials visit ancient India?

An episode of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel examines the theory that the Hindu scriptures contain references to alien flying saucer UFOs (scroll down to see the video). It explores the suggestion that the references to flying machines prove that ETs visited the Indian ancestors in high-tech spacecraft.

Although the ancients ascribed the design and operation of the Vimanas to the gods, ancient astronaut theorists say they were only technologically advanced extraterrestrial beings.

Vedic texts described the gods in UFOs

According to author and mythologist William Henry, the ancient Hindu scriptures describe several types of Vimana machines.

The scriptures allegedly contain references to UFOs that travel within Earth’s atmosphere and others that travel to outer space and visit distant planets.

Ancient astronaut theorist George Tsoukalalos claimed that India’s sacred literature describes how the gods visited the Earth in Vimana machines.

Humans witnessed the gods descend from the heavens to the Earth in the advanced machines.

Tsoukalalos noted that references to divine beings visiting the Earth in spacecraft occur in several texts. According to the researcher, all Vedic books tell stories about supernatural beings coming down from their heavenly abode in flying machines.

Hindu scriptures describe the flying saucer mechanisms

Tsoukalalos claimed that the ancient texts describe how the Vimama flying machines worked. They contain descriptions of their propulsion systems and their performance capabilities.

According to the Hindu scriptures, the Vimanas could fly high and fast. They had destructive weapons and could become invisible, meaning they had stealth capabilities.

Deepak Shimkhada, a professor of Hindu studies at the Claremont School of Theology, explained that the texts described circular machines capable of vertical takeoff and landing. They did not need runways like most modern aircraft.

They could hover and perform extreme acceleration. Their circular shapes meant they were flying saucers, the professor added.

Vimanas engaged in aerial combat

Ancient astronaut theorists also claim that the Vedic texts contain vivid descriptions of aerial battles involving fleets of flying saucers attacking each other.

Vimana machines clashed in the skies, unleashing incredibly destructive weapons. The wars inspire tales of apocalyptic battles between the sky gods.

David Childress, author of Vimana: Flying Machines of the Ancients, claimed that the Vedic scriptures identified the metal mercury as a component of the propulsion systems of the Vimanas.

The scriptures disclosed the information centuries before NASA experimented with mercury in their proposed ion thruster propulsion systems.

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