Dead Sea manuscripts portrayed biblical Noah as an alien being, researchers claim

Fragments of the Book of Noah recovered from the Qumran Caves allegedly portrayed the patriarch as an alien. Pic credit: via History/YouTube

Ancient manuscripts discovered in the Qumran Caves on the shores of the Dead Sea included fragments that tell a story suggesting that the biblical patriarch Noah was not an ordinary human being.

According to ancient alien civilization theorists, the Book of Noah reveals that the patriarch was an extraterrestrial or alien being (scroll down to see the History Channel video).

The Dead Sea Scrolls

A Bedouin shepherd stumbled upon jars containing ancient manuscripts while exploring the Qumran Caves in the Palestinian desert near the West Bank site of Ein Feshkha, a few miles east of Jerusalem.

Manuscripts written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek recovered over a decade from the Qumran Caves included more than 15,000 scrolls dating from the 3rd century BCE to the 1st century CE. They included copies of previously known books of the Hebrew scriptures and the Apocrypha.

The collection also included previously unknown documents.

Among the previously unknown documents were fragments of the pseudepigrapha (falsely attributed) Book of Noah.

The Book of Noah

The Dead Sea Scroll fragments tell a strange story about the patriarch different from what we learn about him from the Old Testament scriptures.

According to the Book of Noah, the patriarch was born an extraordinary being with supernatural powers.

Robert Cargill, a professor of Classical and Religious Studies at the University of Iowa, told History Channel’s Ancient Aliens that Noah’s father, Lamech, doubted he fathered the extraordinary infant.

Lamech suspected Noah was one of the superhuman hybrids, the giant Nephilim, fathered by fallen angels. He confronted his wife and accused her of having a child with the fallen angels.

Noah had superhuman physical traits

The Book of Noah described the patriarch as having exotic or non-human physical features. He had glowing eyes and radiant skin that illuminated darkened spaces.

Ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos argued that the description of the patriarch suggested he was not human but an alien being.

Reverend Barry Downing, author of The Bible and the Flying Saucers, explained that the Genesis description of Noah as a man “just and perfect in his generations” (Genesis 6:8) was not only about his moral uprightness but his superhuman biogenetic heritage.

Thus, when God decided to wipe out morally and biologically polluted humanity in a great flood, he preserved Noah so that he could use his genes to restart humanity.

ETs used the great flood to correct experimental errors

Ancient astronaut theorists proposed that technologically advanced aliens created humans as part of a genetic experiment. Our ancient ancestors mistook the aliens for gods.

The human genetic experiment went wrong, and the alien creators decided to reset by wiping out the polluted human race with a great flood.

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