Skeletal remains of 8ft-tall giants allegedly found in Nevada cave

A race of giants allegedly once inhabited Nevada. Pic credit: History/YouTube

History Channel’s The UnXplained investigated claims that miners found the skeletal remains of a race of 8ft-tall red-haired giants that lived in ancient Nevada.

In 1911, two miners searching for bat guano to make fertilizer discovered the Lovelock Cave in Nevada.

While exploring, they stumbled upon scores of human skeletons. They noticed that some of the skeletons were giant-sized.

The sensational claim comes after Paranormal Papers reported that two hunters claimed they encountered an 8.5-foot-tall Bigfoot in Idaho’s Bear River Range area.

Giant human remains in Lovelock Cave?

The mysterious human remains allegedly included gigantic human skulls and skeletons measuring 7-8ft in height.

David Weatherly, cryptozoologist and author of Copper State Monsters: Cryptids and Legends of Arizona, noted that ancient humans were much shorter than modern humans due to various environmental factors.

Thus, humans measuring 7-8 feet tall would be giants by the standards of our ancient ancestors.

Race of red-haired giants allegedly populated Nevada

According to Hugh Newman, cryptozoologist and author of Giants on Record: America’s Hidden History, the skulls had red hair.

It seemed the miners had stumbled upon evidence of a lost race of red-haired giants distinct from the Native American people.

The discovery raised perplexing questions that sparked wild speculation.

Giant-sized artifacts found in the cave

According to The UnXplained, experts retrieved multiple giant skulls from the cave system. However, some recovered bones went mysteriously missing..

Researchers also found thousands of artifacts in the cave. The size of the objects suggested that giant-sized humans used them. They included 15-inch footwear (US size 29) and giant-sized clothing.

The UnXplained claimed that an unnamed local museum preserved and displayed four giant skulls recovered from the site. However, about a decade ago, undisclosed persons removed the bones from the museum and buried them at an undisclosed location.

Native American Paiutes fought red-haired giants

The UnXplained claimed that the Lovelock Cave was not the only site where people found remains, suggesting that giant humans once lived in the Old West region of the United States.

The folklore of Native American people, such as the Paiute of Nevada, references a race of giants that once inhabited the continent.

For instance, Sarah Winnemucca, daughter of a chief of the Paiute, wrote a book in the 1800s that mentioned a race of red-haired giants called the sai duka. She claimed that the giants waged war against her people in the distant past.

They were cannibalistic mountain-dwelling people. hey fought the Paiute, who eventually defeated them. Remnants of the race sought refuge in the Lovelock Cave, where the Paiute exterminated them.

Were the red-haired giants the biblical Nephilim?

Some researchers believe that the ancient North American giants may have been the same as the mysterious people that biblical texts called the Nephilim.

Allegedly, the investigators found evidence at the Lovelock Cave suggesting that the Paiute legend had a historical basis.

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