Three white light UFOs tracked model Abbey Clancy’s car on UK road

British model Abbey Clancy claimed three white light UFOs followed her car on the A3. Pic credit: The Therapy Crouch/YouTube

British catwalk model Abbey Clancy recently shared a bizarre tale of an encounter with alien UFOs.

During a recent episode of The Therapy Crouch podcast (scroll down below to see video) with husband Peter, she told fans that three alien UFOs followed her while driving on the A3 road in the UK.

She described the alleged UFO crafts as three oblong-shaped white lights. They floated over her car and tracked her on the A3 road between London and Portsmouth.

Abbey admitted that her story sounded “mental.” However, she assured listeners it wasn’t a joke. She was driving in the company of a friend named Sophia. Her friend also witnessed the strange phenomenon.

Three oblong-shaped UFO lights hovered over car

The 38-year-old TV personality, married to former Liverpool and England striker Peter Crouch, said she had the strange encounter on a rainy day.

It rained all day but had stopped when she hit the road just before dusk. It was nearly dark, and the street lights weren’t on when she first saw three oblong-shaped patches of light hovering over her car.

The UFOs traveled with her car. She thought at first they were reflections of light but ruled it out because the streetlights weren’t on.

She turned to Sophia and asked if she could see the UFOs hovering above them.

Her companion also saw them.

UFO lights traveled with Abbey Clancy’s car

The UFOs tracked the car over an undisclosed distance. They flew overhead in a formation until a point in the journey when they suddenly departed.

They flew away and disappeared. Abbey recalled that they separated and flew off in three different directions.

The encounter baffled the 2013 Strictly Come Dancing winner. She wondered whether they were aliens from another world and admitted she loved the idea of advanced aliens coming to save us.

Abbey also expressed hope that alien experts could explain her experience. She asked for anyone who could explain it to contact her.

People need to be open-minded about UFOs, husband Peter said

Peter, 43, said the incident illustrated why people should always be open-minded about alien and UFO phenomena. He joked that aliens might be wondering why humans were so technologically backward.

Abbey is not the first public figure to report an encounter with UFOs.

British comedian Craig Charles reported seeing triangle-shaped UFOs flying in bizarre pyramidal formations while smoking weed with his brother-in-law.

The Red Dwarf star insisted it was not the “massive spliff” that caused him to see things. He said they were interstellar crafts from another world.

Actress Goldie Hawn also claimed an encounter with aliens. They touched her face, and it felt like the “finger of God.”

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