Tourists allegedly filmed Civil War ghosts wandering Gettysburg battlefield

A family claimed they filmed ghosts running across the Gettysburg battlefied. Pic credit: Pixabay

Tourists claimed two ghostly apparations appeared in a video shot at the historic site of the July 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, which marked a turning point in the American Civil War.

Greg Yuelling of New Jersey and his family were touring the old battlefield when they heard sinister noises, and a mysterious fog crept over the field. They then saw two ghosts crossing.

According to the Daily Star, Yuelling was previously skeptical of claimed paranormal activity at Gettysburg. But the sighting crept him so much that he now believes it.

The news comes after a janitor at a high school in Tampa, Florida, said he filmed footage purportedly showing ghostly activity in an empty classroom and school hallway.

Sinister humanoid shapes emerged from the fog

Recounting his experience, Yuelling said he was driving with family members when they heard unearthly sounds around them.

They heard the sounds as a creepy fog rose from nowhere and enveloped their car. The thick fog clung to their vehicle and refused to disperse.

Eerie humanoid shapes started emerging from the pitch darkness. The tourists watch in terror as the shapes run across the battlefield.

One approached a parked cannon and walked right through it.

Ghostly apparitions spooked the tourists

Yuelling said the apparitions moving across the battlefield looked scary. They rolled up the windows in fright, and he increased his speed to escape.

Later, while reviewing the video, they tried to get a closer look at the sinister shapes they believed they saw. Watching the videos confirmed their fears that they encountered ghosts of dead soldiers roaming the old Gettysburg battlefield.

The realization creeped them out, and he could hardly sleep that night. He felt something urging him to return to the site, but he couldn’t summon the courage.

Yuelling had previously heard stories about people capturing ghost videos at Gettysburg. But he never believed it until reviewing the footage. He added that the experience made him a believer.

The Battle of Gettysburg was a bloody engagement between Union troops under General George G. Meade and Confederate troops under General Robert E. Lee.

The battle, which lasted three days, cost both sides a total of 50,000 casualties. It ended with a Union victory that dashed Confederate hopes of independence.

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