10 signs your house is haunted

“Is my house haunted?” — a question lots of us have asked in the past! Many people question whether or not their house is frequented by ghosts or other entities. Most of us have heard stories of weird goings on after people move into a new property, or have even experienced things ourselves. Whether or … Read more

The 10 most haunted places in America

The most haunted places in America are hard to narrow down, as thanks to a bloody ‘wild west’ past comprised of settlers, massacres, and Civil War, America has a plethora of haunted places to visit and explore. For some locations, like the Tombigbee River or the Brown Mountains, an astounding natural mlandscape hides bizarre supernatural … Read more

10 of the most famous cases of paranormal activity which divided opinion

The following cases of purported paranormal activity are famous for their sensationalism, their prolificacy and their ability to continue to split critics over their veracity. Cases like Amityville and Enfield have been popularised by the press and the movie industry but continue to fascinate and thrill new generations because they remain partially unexplained to this … Read more

Two ‘ghosts’ photographed at hotel which inspired movie The Shining

Visitors to the hotel which inspired Stephen King movie The Shining captured a mysterious photo which appears to show two “ghosts”. The Mausling family, from Aurora, Colorado, took the picture as they took part in a spirit tour at the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, last month. The photo, taken by dad John … Read more

Ghost tours to take at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe festival

The 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe includes a string of ghost tours, with the city reputed to be one of the most haunted in the world. Paranormal fans can have a veritable spook-fest over the coming weeks with guided visits to some of the city’s most scary locations. Scotland’s capital has been around for hundreds of … Read more