11ft Bigfoot allegedly pulls up 30ft tree, tosses it like broomstick

Alleged Bigfoot filmed pulling up trees in the woods. Pic credit: Bigfoots Testimony/YouTube

A Facebook user recently took to the Bigfoot Believers Facebook page to share a link to a viral YouTube video purportedly showing a Bigfoot pulling up a tree with its bare hands (see video below).

Bigfoot enthusiast Greg Sanchez explained that he stumbled upon the video on YouTube and could not confirm its authenticity. He wanted other believers to share their opinions about it.

The latest alleged Bigfoot evidence comes after an enthusiast reported spotting the elusive creature in a photo he snapped while camping in the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington.

Another claimed he photographed a Sasquatch peeking behind a tree in Michigan woods.

Viral video received more than 1.5 Million views

The YouTube channel Bigfoots Testimony shared the video titled “The craziest Bigfoot sighting at a crime scene part2” on January 1. It had received more than 1.5 million views and nearly 8,000 comments on YouTube as of January 9.

The YouTuber uploaded the footage without background information, such as the location or an account of what was happening.

Suggestions about what the video showed included a Sasquatch, an escaped gorilla, or heavy machinery (forklift, bulldozer, or excavator) clearing the forest.

11-foot Bigfoot rampaging in the woods?

According to Sanchez, the video shows an 11ft-tall Bigfoot rampaging at a “crime scene” in a wooded area.

He claimed it shows the Sasquatch moving or uprooting a 30-foot-long tree and tossing it aside. It also picked up a heavy log and smashed it on the ground.

Sanchez believed the log weighed much more than 20 lbs, but the alleged creature picked it up as if it weighed much less.

“That looks so creepy seeing an 11-ft-tall Bigfoot that is pulling a tree in a crime scene,” Sanchez commented.

What does the video show?

The video appears to show a dark figure uprooting a tree and tossing seemingly heavy logs aside as if they weighed nothing. But a definite identification of the shadowy figure is not possible.

However, it seems to be a hulking humanoid with arms. At a point in the video, many viewers thought they could see a pair of strong arms grabbing a log on the ground from one end, lifting it high up in the air, and smashing it on the ground.

Reactions on Facebook

Many Facebook users said they believed it was real.

“I’m pretty sure it’s real!” one believer responded.

“I’m sure this is authentic!” another believer said. “He’s throwing trees around like you would a broomstick!”

But others were skeptical.

“Fake Bigfoot,” a skeptic responded.

Reactions on YouTube

The video went viral on YouTube with thousands of reactions.

Many YouTubers also believed it showed a gigantic creature with great strength. But not everyone was sure that the powerful creature was a Sasquatch.

“Bigfoot or not, if there is something that big and capable of throwing a whole-*** tree, I am not going camping again any time soon,” a believer wrote.

“This is the most convincing footage that I’ve ever seen,” another declared. “And I’m a non-believer.”

“D**n that’s not a guy in a suit,” a third said. “The strength of this ***** is incredible.”

But others were skeptical and wondered why Bigfoot videos were always blurry.

“Bigfoot has the perfect disguise: blurry,” a skeptic commented sarcastically.

“We have the technology to take a picture of a license plate from outer space, but nobody has ever gotten a clear picture of Bigfoot,” another added.

“These Bigfoot always know where the camera is to stay right out of view,” a third complained.

One skeptic suggested it was heavy machinery clearing the forest, while another proposed an “escaped gorilla.”

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