Researcher claimed his team telepathically summoned UFO over Hertfordshire

A British researcher claimed his team summoned alien UFOs by meditating. Pic credit: Nub TV/YouTube

A researcher claims he and his team telepathically summoned an alien UFO over Hertfordshire, England.

Mark Christopher Lee decided to test his telepathic powers after learning about a similar alleged psychic feat by the British psychic medium Philip Kinsella.

Kinsella is known in the UFO enthusiast community for claiming that aliens abducted him in 1989. He reportedly led a team that attracted a UFO to Rendlesham Forest after meditating for half an hour.

The Rendlesham Forest incident is one of the most celebrated incidents in British UFO lore. Paranormal Papers reported in October that a US Air Force Officer claimed he saw and touched the alien spacecraft that allegedly landed in Rendlesham Forest in 1980.

According to staff Sergeant Jim Penniston, the pilots were not aliens but human time travelers from the future.

The time travelers allegedly “downloaded” a coded message into his brain.

Lee allegedly used meditation to summon UFOs

According to the Daily Star, Lee said Kinsella’s experiment inspired him. He wanted to repeat it.

He and a group of friends chose a lonely area in rural Hertfordshire for the bizarre experiment (see YouTube video). They went to the place at dusk when the skies were clear. They hoped the clear skies would make it easier for them to spot UFOs passing or hovering overhead.

Lee recalled it was a cold night. They mediated quietly for several minutes, looking out for UFO lights overhead.

Multiple passenger jets with lights passed overhead while they meditated. After minutes of patient meditation, they saw a bright light in the sky.

Lee mistook the planet Venus for a UFO

The first extraterrestrial light they saw in the sky was the planet Venus. Lee admitted that he and his team mistook Venus for a UFO.

They quickly realized their error. The blunder discouraged them, and they decided to leave and try another day.

But as they prepared to leave, something they weren’t expecting happened.

Mysterious lights in the sky

Lee claimed that mysterious lights suddenly appeared overhead. They weren’t airline, star, or planetary lights.

The group scrambled to set up their cameras and filmed a spectacular display of alleged extraterrestrial lights. They used the footage for their new documentary.

The UK has a rich history of sensational UFO incidents. Netflix’s Encounters recently explored the mystery of Broad Haven, a remote village on the southeastern coast of Wales known in paranormal enthusiast circles as the UK’s Bermuda Triangle.

Residents have reported bizarre paranormal activity in the village since the 1970s.

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