Rendlesham UFO pilots were time travelers, not aliens, former USAF officer claimed

A USAF officer claimed he touched the UFO that allegedly landed in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980. Pic credit: Pixabay

A USAF veteran claimed that he had a close encounter with the UFO that allegedly landed in Rendlesham Forest in 1980. According to former USAF staff sergeant Jim Penniston, he came close to the UFO and touched it.

He claimed the pilots were not extraterrestrial beings but human time travelers from our future.

Penniston also said he received a message from the time travelers after he touched the mysterious craft.

The Rendlesham UFO incident

The famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident occurred in December 1980. UFO researchers dubbed it the UK’s Roswell Incident. It involved multiple reports of mysterious lights in the forest.

Some witnesses also reported a UFO landing in the forest near the RAF Woodbridge, a former USAF base in Suffolk, England.

Skeptics have dismissed claims by UFO enthusiasts that an extraterrestrial craft landed in the forest.

According to skeptics, people mistook light from a nearby lighthouse for a craft. Other skeptics suggest it might have been a meteorite.

Penniston investigated the Rendlesham UFO

Penniston served as a USAF staff sergeant at RAF Woodbridge when the Rendlesham incident occurred in December 1980. He was on duty when servicemen reported seeing strange lights in the forest nearby.

They thought the lights could be a crashed experimental RAF or USAF craft. Because it was in the middle of the Cold War, they also thought it could be the Soviets snooping around with spy crafts.

So he went into the forest in the company of an airman to investigate.

A strange craft landed in Rendlesham

Penniston claimed that he and the airman came to a clearing in the forest where a strange craft had landed. It was unlike anything they had seen.

It was triangular with blue, red, and white lights. It also had strange inscriptions on the sides. Penniston wrote descriptions and sketches of the craft in his notebook.

The UFO “downloaded” a message in Penniston’s brain

The USAF officer claimed that after touching the body of the UFO, the time travelers “downloaded” a message in his brain. He didn’t know how the message got implanted in his brain, but he recorded it in his notebook.

The written message consisted of a string of zeros and ones resembling binary code, but he had no idea what it meant.

When he showed the message to his superiors, they asked him what it meant. He didn’t know. So they gave it to experts to decode.

The experts reported it was a cryptic “message from the future.”

The message reportedly read: “Exploration of humanity continuous… continuous for planetary advance. Eyes of our eyes. Origin year 8100.”

Coordinates could be portals to higher dimensions

The message also included coordinates pin-pointing multiple culturally significant locations around the globe.

The locations included the Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt), the Temple of Apollo (Delphi), the Nazca Lines (Peru), Sedona in Arizona, Caracol (Brazil), Mount Taisham (China), and a spot in the sea off the coast of Ireland.

Researchers identified the spot off the coast of Ireland as the site of Hy Brasil, a legendary island from Irish folklore.

Penniston speculated that the coordinates identified the site of portals to higher dimensional planes. He also concluded that humans from the future were likely trying to send a message back in time to save humanity.

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