Netflix’s Encounters investigates UK’s alien and UFO ‘Bermuda Triangle’

An eyewitness drawing of a UFO and alien from Broad Haven, UK. Pic credit: via Eye on Cinema/YouTube

Broad Haven, a small and remote seaside community on the southeastern coast of Wales, has been hailed Britain’s Bermuda Triangle. Netflix’s new documentary Encounters investigates strange claims of alien and UFO sightings in the village since the 1970s.

Encounters is a new Stephen Spielberg-produced UFO miniseries.

The series shares eyewitness accounts of flying saucers, cigar-shaped UFOs, and paranormal events by residents of Broad Haven, a village with a population of about a thousand. Even more bizarre were reports of seven-foot-tall aliens.

According to the BBC, more than 450 reports of alien and UFO encounters came from Broad Haven in the 1970s.

BBC investigated the “Broad Haven Triangle” in the 1970s

So persistent were the reports of UFO and alien sightings in Broad Haven that the media dubbed Broad Haven Britain’s “UFO Bermuda Triangle.”

The BBC sent a crew to investigate in the mid-1970s. They interviewed residents who told them stories about the encounters they had. The witnesses included children (see YouTube video below).

One young resident told the crew they saw a cigar-shaped UFO flashing with yellow, orange, and red lights on top of a domed head. Others claimed they saw a cigar-shaped UFO and a strange humanoid creature.

Witnesses stood by their claims decades after

The witnesses still stand by their claims decades later. They denied claims that their young minds had imagined things or made them up.

David Davies, one of the former child witnesses, is now in his late fifties. He first heard about UFO sightings from schoolmates and did not believe them.

But he soon had an encounter that made him a believer.

Davies saw a cigar-shaped UFO

Davies was walking in the woods when he encountered a silver-colored cigar-shaped UFO parked in a forest clearing behind a tree.

It was a massive UFO craft. He estimated the length at about 45 feet. Scared, he took to his heels. He recounted the encounter when he got home, and his mother believed him.

A group of children also witnessed a UFO while playing on the school field.

Older residents reported seeing a 7-foot alien and UFOs

Adults reported similar sightings.

Rose Granville claimed she saw a UFO late in the evening from her bedroom. Her daughter recalled that Granville saw the craft hovering in the sky and landing near her home.

She also saw two creatures with long arms and legs emerging from it. She claimed the craft left marks where it landed. The incident frightened her.

Mark Morston reported seeing a flying saucer UFO while taking a walk. He also saw a seven-foot-tall alien wearing a silvery suit and helmet coming out of it.

When the alien started walking toward him, he fled in fright. He reported the incident to his family, and his dad returned to the site with him the next day. They saw footprints that were too big to be human.

More than 450 people said they saw UFOs and aliens in Broad Haven.

UFO fever gripped Broad Haven

The spate of sightings caused excitement in the community. The excitement increased as more schoolchildren reported strange encounters. It forced the school authorities to act.

The head of the village elementary school, Ralph Llewellyn, assembled all the children who claimed they saw a UFO. He separated them and asked them to draw what they saw. The children submitted drawings and recorded their accounts.

When the BBC interviewed Llewellyn, he acknowledged that children’s independent accounts were remarkably similar.

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