Medical experts testify 1000-year-old ‘alien corpses’ are real at second Mexican UFO hearing

Experts testified before Mexican congress during second UFO session that alleged Peruvian alien corpses were real. Pic credit: via Daily Mail/YouTube

The self-proclaimed UFO researcher Jaime Maussan appeared again before the Mexican Congress on Tuesday (November 7) with “new evidence” that the alleged 1000-year-old “alien corpses” he exhibited in September were not forgeries.

Reuters reported that Maussan introduced “experts” who testified that the specimens were once living organisms. He presented medical scans that supposedly proved the objects were once living organisms.

Paranormal Papers reported in September that skeptics had dismissed the specimens, named Clara and Mauricio, as forgeries assembled from parts taken from different animals.

However, Maussan claimed that medical experts examined the specimens and confirmed they “belong to a single skeleton that has not been joined to other pieces.”

Alien corpses have “hybrid DNA”

The medical experts who accompanied Maussan presented a letter signed by researchers at San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica, Peru, who backed the claims about the authenticity of the alleged corpses.

Roger Zuniga, a research anthropologist at the San Luis Gonzaga National University, said the specimens were not constructed from human and animal parts as skeptics claimed.

Maussan said that lab analysis revealed that the “alien corpses” had “hybrid DNA,” implying they came from human and non-human ancestors.

Celestino Adolfo Piotto, a surgeon from Argentina, added that test results indicated they were remains of advanced versions of modern humans.

The experts stopped short of confirming they were extraterrestrial beings, but Maussan voiced his conviction that they were intelligent non-human life forms.

During his presentation in September, he said he found the specimens in an underground algae mine in the Nazca desert, Peru, in 2017.

Skeptical reception

The sensational claims have met with a skeptical reception. Experts have generally dismissed the alleged alien corpses as forgeries constructed from human and animal parts.

Paranormal Papers reported in October that Will Galison, an independent researcher, said they were not aliens but effigies that ancient Incas constructed for ceremonial or ritual purposes.

Wilson believed the Incas constructed them from pieces of human and animal bones. He suggested that the skull likely belonged to an alpaca (Lama pacos).

He traced the origin of the specimens to French archaeologist Thierry Jarmin, who allegedly purchased them from a Peruvian tomb robber in 2016.

It is not the first time that Maussan has made controversial claims about aliens and UFOs.

In 2015, he claimed to have found the remains of a creature of extraterrestrial origins. However, researchers said they were the remains of a child with a deformity.

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