‘Living Nostradamus’ claims he predicted Charles will abdicate, William won’t succeed him

The ‘Living Nostradamus’ predicted King Charles would abdicate the throne due to health issues. Pic credit: Public Domain via Wikipedia

Self-proclaimed Brazilian seer Athos Salome, nicknamed the “Living Nostradamus,” claims he correctly predicted King Charles III’s health crisis.

He predicted that Charles would abdicate the throne due to health complications, but Prince William would not succeed his father.

Paranormal Papers reported in November 2023 that Salome warned the king to pay attention to his health. Buckingham Palace later confirmed in January that the monarch would undergo surgery for an enlarged prostate gland.

Following the announcement, the Living Nostradamus renewed the warning about health complications that could force him to abdicate.

“Living Nostradamus” claims track record of accurate predictions

Salome’s predictions have received renewed attention since Buckingham Palace announced that the king had been diagnosed with a form of cancer.

The Living Nostradamus claims a track record of accurate prophetic statements, including the death of Queen Elizabeth II, COVID-19, the Ukraine War, and the World Cup 2022 winner.

Paranormal Papers reported earlier in January that he predicted World War III and an AI rebellion in 2024. He said that aliens would make contact with humans this year and that natural disasters would plague the US, Africa, and Asia.

Salome claims he predicted King Charles’ health issues

Paranormal Papers reported in November (before the Palace announced Charles would undergo surgery for an enlarged prostate) that the Living Nostradamus claimed he had seen into the future concerning King Charles III’s reign.

He announced that health issues would soon force the king to abdicate this throne. He warned him to pay close attention to his health due to the risk of urinogenital health issues.

Salome also warned that Charles’ eldest son, Prince William, might not succeed his father to the throne. According to the Living Nostradamus, esoteric “kabbalistic forces” did not favor William.

“The Prince of Wales also has the number two in his life, the same frequency as his father… [They] are super connected kabbalistically saying, but with a difference of revolutionizing the monarchy when he assumes the royalty,” he said.

Salome renewed his warning

In January, Paranormal Papers reported that following the announcement that Charles would undergo surgery for an enlarged prostate, the Living Nostradamus told the Daily Star that he correctly predicted king’s health issues.

He told the British tabloid that he warned Charles to take care of his urinogenital health, but the monarch did not heed his warning.

Although Buckingham tried to downplay the severity of the king’s health issues, Salome said the development added “urgency and depth” to his predictions.

He renewed his warning that the monarch should take extra care because he could develop health complications that could force him to abdicate his throne.

Buckingham Palace announced Charles’ cancer diagnosis

Buckingham Palace announced Charles’s cancer diagnosis on February 5, after undergoing surgery for an enlarged prostate on January 26. The king left the hospital on January 29. The Palace did not say what form of cancer he was diagnosed with.

However, CNN reported that the Palace confirmed Charles would “step back” from public engagements while he was undergoing treatment for cancer.

The latest developments have drawn attention to Salome’s prediction that Charles would eventually abdicate the throne due to health complications.

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