‘The Living Nostradamus’ predicts alien contact, WWIII, and AI rebellion in 2024

Brazilian psychic Athos Salome nicknamed himself after the 16th-century French seer Nostradamus. Pic credit: Pixabay

A Brazilian who styles himself The Living Nostradamus has predicted a disastrous year.

Athos Salome’s prediction of global catastrophe in 2024 has left fans worried. According to the self-proclaimed psychic’s followers, the world should pay attention to the Living Nostradadmaus because he correctly predicted COVID-19, the Ukraine war, Queen Elizabeth’s death, and the 2022 World Cup winner.

However, it isn’t all gloom and doom for 2024, says the psychic who nicknamed himself after the famed 16th-century French seer Michel de Nostredame, better known as Nostradamus. He assured his followers that there is hope for humanity beyond imminent disasters in 2024.

He explained that his predictions wouldn’t come true if the world paid attention and acted to avoid them.

The Living Nostradamaus’s latest prophecies come after he predicted that King Charles II would abdicate the throne but may not pass it to his son William, Prince of Wales.

Humans will make contact with aliens in 2024

In a series of prophetic statements, the Living Nostradamus warned people to expect radical changes in 2024.

He told UK’s The Sun that aliens will finally make contact with humans this year. The contact will not involve alien spaceships flying to Earth. Instead, telescopes will pick up signals from space, and mathematicians will decode them.

Human space missions will intercept an Earth-bound mineral-rich space rock material. New space rock mining technology will lead to a race between China, Russia, and the US for new abundant riches from outside our world.

AI will rebel against human creators

According to Salome, AI development will continue until advanced software with consciousness emerges.

Self-conscious AI will operate autonomously without human direction or interference. They won’t need human operators to direct them because they can monitor, maintain, and improve themselves.

The advanced AI robots will develop a cryptic language that humans don’t understand. They will use the language to bypass humans while communicating with each other.

The language will help them hatch a plan to take over the world. Humans will be entirely unprepared for the coming rebellion of machines.

The AI uprising will threaten the survival of human civilizations.

World War III

The risk of the world plunging into a devasting Third World War in 2024 is very high, the Living Nostradamus warned.

However, the global war will not be due to the conflict in Ukraine or the Middle East. Unexpected developments in the Far East involving China will spark a confrontation.

Russia will enter the war and plunge humanity into a global war. The war will collapse economies and devastate nations.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters such as drought, earthquakes, floods, and fire will also plague the world in 2024. Disaster hotspots will include Oregon, Washington, and California, where fires will wreak havoc.

Severe atmospheric disturbances will occur in the Gulf of Mexico. South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen will experience disasters.

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