California bar Cronies claims chairs moving on their own in paranormal activity video

CCTV from Cronies bar showing a stool moving
CCTV footage from Cronies Sports Grill showing some furniture moving about

Ventura, California, and a local bar has posted some videos that they claim show furniture being moved about by seemingly unseen forces.

The CCTV footage from Cronies comes in two different videos with the first showing a bar stool being knocked over and dragged across the floor, apparently without anyone touching it. The second video shows a chair in the restaurant area rocking back and forth, with a customer even getting up to inspect it.

The co-owner of the bar Dave Foldes swears it’s not a stunt for Halloween and told the local press that “it’s pretty creepy” and that “nothing like this has ever happened before.”

Still from CCTV showing eating area and chair moving
This chair appears to move on its own but is someone pulling our leg?

The customers don’t seem too put off by the poltergeist and some of them even liked it, one quipping that “I’m OK until it’s my chair that moves.”

Another posted on Facebook that: “I used to go there a lot after work. Don’t care what he knocks over as long as it leaves my schooner alone.”

What does Foldes think could be the cause of the paranormal activity? Well he the bar walls are covered in photos of customers and staff who’ve sadly passed on but he reckons that two guys who introduced him to his wife 25 years ago could be the culprits.

What do you think is this just some seasonal fun or is the bar haunted?

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