Haunted teddy bear caught moving on baby monitor video?

A ‘haunted’ teddy bear was caught moving on a baby monitor’s video. Hank and Hannah Squiers, like many couples, set up a baby monitor in their infant’s room to make watching and taking care of their child easier. On June 1st, Hank said that the baby woke up and started playing with a stuffed animal, … Read more

The 10 most haunted places in America

The most haunted places in America are hard to narrow down, as thanks to a bloody ‘wild west’ past comprised of settlers, massacres, and Civil War, America has a plethora of haunted places to visit and explore. For some locations, like the Tombigbee River or the Brown Mountains, an astounding natural mlandscape hides bizarre supernatural … Read more

The 10 most haunted hotels in America

Tales of haunted Inns and Alehouses were a staple of fireside conversation in Europe for hundreds of years. The Victorians, in particular, loved anything macabre and having a ghost story attached to your business was as much a boon for tourism then as today. The notion of the haunted grand hotel was popularised in America … Read more