Bigfoot hunter asked cops if shooting Sasquatch was legal, promised to spare females

A Bigfoot hunter called county cops to ask whether it was legal to shoot Sasquatch. Pic credit: John Thomas Didymus

A Bigfoot hunter inquired from the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office in Washington State whether it was legal to shoot Sasquatch.

The Steven County Sheriff’s Office took to their Facebook page on Tuesday, March 19, to share a redacted version of the inquiry by the concerned citizen.

According to the sheriff’s office, the Bigfoot hunter said they had scheduled a mid-April trip to the Big Meadow Lake area in Washington State to hunt the elusive cryptid.

Bigfoot hunters consider Washington State and neighboring Oregon Sasquatch hotspots.

Paranormal Papers reported that an enthusiast claimed they stumbled upon a Bigfoot turd the size of a Coke can while searching for Sasquatch evidence in woods north of the Columbia River Gorge, near Willard, WA.

Another claimed they spotted one hiding behind a tree in a photo they snapped while camping in Washington State’s Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula.

Wildlife officials referred inquirer to cops

The office staff who received the call said they tried to refer the caller to the Fish and Wildlife Department. But the caller said they’d already called the wildlife department and that the officials referred them to the sheriff’s office.

Is it legal to shoot Sasquatch in Stevens County?

The caller said they wanted to ensure they complied with county regulations while hunting Sasquatch in the Big Meadow Lake area. However, county regulations were not clear about the status of the cryptid.

The hunter wanted to know whether it was legal to shoot Sasquatch in Stevens County. They also wanted to know whether a “regular hunting license” was sufficient for hunting the bipedal creature.

Hunter promised not to shoot female Sasquatch

The hunter added that they only intended to hunt and shoot male Sasquatch. They promised not to shoot the female ones.

The hunter would presumably also not shoot the young ones, but the police account did not say whether the hunter talked about their plans for the juvenile cryptids.

The inquirer left their contact number and promised to call back the next day if they did not get a response from the cops.

Police response: No Bigfoot in Stevens County

The county patrol chief responded to the inquiry.

The officer informed the Bigfoot hunter that the Meadow Lake area was under the jurisdiction of the Pend Oreille County Sheriff and advised them to contact the appropriate authority.

The officer then explained that there was no Sasquatch in Stevens County.

“We know this because one of our deputies would have accidentally hit one with a patrol car by now!” the officer concluded.

However, an enthusiast on Facebook disagreed with the sheriff’s office’s statement that there was no Sasquatch in Stevens County.

“There’s definitely Sasquatch in Stevens county lol,” the Facebook user said.

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