Suspected juvenile Bigfoot captured on hidden camera in Virginia woods

A hunter captured a suspected juvenile Bigfoot on a hidden camera. Pic credit: via Animal Planet/YouTube

Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot team traveled to Virginia to investigate a claim that a hunter captured a juvenile Sasquatch on a hidden camera in Appalachian Mountain range woods.

Researchers consider the Appalachia Bigfoot country. The region has diverse flora (fruits and berries) and fauna (deer and rodents) capable of supporting large animals such as Bigfoot.

Bigfoot photo: Bigfoot v. Black bear

Matt Moneymaker and his Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) team went to Virginia and met Roger Williams.

Williams’s hunting club shared a photo that showed a Squatchy creature on all fours. The team debated whether it was a Sasquatch or a bear.

Bigfoot investigators have noted that people often mistake black bears for Sasquatch. Paranormal Papers reported that a researcher concluded after an analysis of data that a significant proportion of claims of strange bipedal creatures roaming North American forests was due to the American black bear (Ursus americanus)

According to researcher researcher Floe Foxon, it was not a coincidence that data analysis found a direct relationship between the black bear population and Sasquatch reports.

BFRO experts analyzed the photo

BFRO’s Cliff Barackman said the photo possibly shows a bear, but he could not rule out a Sasquatch because it was Bigfoot country.

Ranae Holland, a field biologist, believed it was a bear but suggested they gather more information to conclude.

Holland has spent 15 years studying black and brown bears in the Alaskan wild and the Pacific Northwest. She believed the fur looked like a black bear’s.

Williams took the team to the spot where the hidden camera captured the image. He said he’d seen many bear images in his time and that the creature in the photo did not look like a bear.

Williams disagreed with Holland that the coat looked like a bear’s. He thought it didn’t have the same thick fur as bears. But what struck him most were the length of the creature’s forearm and the hindfoot (see featured photo).

Bobo modeled the creature

Team member James “Bobo” Fay agreed with William that the arms looked like a primate’s. He also noted that the creature seemed to have a “butt” like a primate, but bears don’t.

Williams added that someone recently reported hearing strange “yowling” vocalization at night from the nearby Caywood Reservoir.

As part of the analysis, the team asked Bobo to reproduce the creature’s posture, and they used the camera to snap a photo of him. They then compared Bobo’s photo with the suspected Sasquatch photo.

Members of the team shared their opinions. Some thought it looked like a bear, while others thought it was a Bigfoot.

However, Cliff had the last word: He judged that the photo showed a bear.

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